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Educator Instructions: Register Your School 

Registering your class or school to participate in the GiggleIT Project is easy and free!

Download and complete the GiggleIT Registration Form [Word Document | PDF Version]. Email (preferred) or mail your Registration Form to the GiggleIT team.

  • Go to Giggle Town to see the Gigglecritters. Each class should select 3 GiggleCritters for their class page. You should also select 3 GiggleCritters as mascots to appear on your main school page. Remember to include the names of your GiggleCritters on your registration form.
  • Consent Form [PDF] - Students will need to complete a consent form signed by their parents BEFORE any of their work may be published online. The Consent Form clearly outlines how much information will be published about each child and should be completed annually. Please retain this form locally in your GiggleIT Project records; do not send Consent Forms to the GiggleIT Team.
  • After the GiggleIT Team notifies you that your registration has been received, it’s time for each participating class to write a short introduction (under 300 words, please) about their country, city/town, school and class to appear on their class page – other students love to know what “life is like” where you are. If you have several classes participating, you may want to have the information about country, city/town, and school appear only on the main school page, with students contributing information about their class, favorite foods, sports, etc. on their class page. See task 4 in the Student Tutorial for more support for this activity.
  • Please remember to sign student works with only their initials when you submit their work to the GiggleIT Team for publication on the school/class GiggleIT website. 


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