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Educator Instructions Step 2:
Visit GiggleTown and Choose GiggleCritters 

Welcome to GiggleTown!

The GiggleCritters love to laugh, so they are searching the world for student-created

 tall tales and funny stories,
tongue-twisters and jokes,
limericks and poems, and
stories about your special part of the world.

Your students get to choose three GiggleCritters as mascots for your school’s GiggleIT homepage. If you have more than one class registered, each may select their own group of three GiggleCritters for their class page as well.

You may need to use the voting form with your students to choose your critters. Once the votes are in, use the Results Recording Sheet to work out the winning critters for your web page.

When you have chosen your GiggleCritters, make sure this information is added to the GiggleIT registration form.

After submitting your registration information and GiggleCritter choices to, the GiggleIT team will prepare your school page(s) for the IASL website. Please be patient – this isn’t instantaneous! We will email you as soon as your school’s page is “live” online, just waiting for your students’ work.


 Africa Gigglecritter
Africa GiggleCritter (1)
 Asia Gigglecritter
Asia GiggleCritter (2)
Europe GiggleCritter 
Europe GiggleCritter (3)
 Australia GiggleCritter
Australia GiggleCritter (4)
 Hip-Hop GiggleCritter
Hip-Hop GiggleCritter (5)

Masked GiggleCritter
Masked GiggleCritter (6)
GiggleCritter Clown
GiggleCritter Clown (7)
 Freezy GiggleCritter
Freezy GiggleCritter (8)
 Computer GiggleCritter
Computer GiggleCritter (9)
  Down-Under GiggleCritter
Down-Under GiggleCritter (10)
  Rancher GiggleCritter
Rancher GiggleCritter (11)
 Fishy GiggleCritter
Fishy GiggleCritter (12)
 Smartie GiggleCritter
Smartie GiggleCritter (13)
 GiggleCritter Graduate
  GiggleCritter Graduate (14)
 Music GiggleCritter
Music GiggleCritter (15)
 GiggleCritter Hiker
GiggleCritter Hiker (16)
 Sizzling GiggleCritter
Sizzling GiggleCritter (17)
 Giggling GiggleCritter
Giggling GiggleCritter (18)
 GiggleCritter Lion
GiggleCritter Lion (19)
 GiggleCritter Panda
GiggleCritter Panda (20)
 Basic GiggleCritter
Basic GiggleCritter (21)
 Reading GiggleCritter
Reading GiggleCritter (22)
  Safari GiggleCritter
Safari GiggleCritter (23)
 Snoozing GiggleCritter
Snoozing GiggleCritter (24)
 Sunglasses GiggleCritter
Sunglasses GiggleCritter (25)
 Author GiggleCritter
Author GiggleCritter (26)
 Jamaica GiggleCritter

Jamaica GiggleCritter (27)
 Texas GiggleCritter
Texas GiggleCritter (28)
 Qatari GiggleCritter
Qatari GiggleCritter (29)
Bali GiggleCritter
Bali GiggleCritter (30)
Russia GiggleCritters
Russia GiggleCritters (31)
 Birthday GiggleCritter
Birthday GiggleCritter (32)
 Europa GiggleCritter
Europa GiggleCritter (33)
 Email GiggleCriter
Email GiggleCritter (34)
Father Christmas GiggleCritter 
Father Christmas
GiggleCritter (35)
GiggleBabies (36)
Viking GiggleCritter 
Viking GiggleCritter (37)
Netherlands GiggleCritter
Netherlands GiggleCritter (38)
 Japan GiggleCritter
Japan GiggleCritter (39)

California GiggleCritter (40) 

Turkey GiggleCritter (41) 
Canada GiggleCritter (42)

Croatia GiggleCritter (43)

10Years GiggleCritter (44)

Download larger Blank GiggleCritters (2 per page) for the You Design a GiggleCritter project.

The GiggleCritters were created by Emily Manck White who holds their copyright and are used on the IASL GiggleIT Project with her permission.

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