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The GiggleIT Project 2014 theme: Animal Antics!

Whether cuddly or ferocious, when it comes to animals, our kids love them and are eager to share what they know. Here’s their chance to tell the world about the big, little, tame, and wild animals of your area through your school’s free GiggleIT webpage!

GiggleIT introduces two Spotlight Projects for 2014 which help you empower* your students as they communicate their expert knowledge about your area’s animals in humorous and inventive ways:
  • Poetry Pet Parade
  • Wild Animal Funnies

Young writers of the world!
Author-GiggleCritter wants you to share
your poems, jokes and funny stories about animals!

The GiggleIT Animal Antics instructions page includes instructions to your student writers and illustrators, as well as notes and resources for your lesson-planning use. Science, reading, arts, and writing come together in this great opportunity for cross-curricular collaboration through the school library (and it’s all free).

  • Register your school today through the registration page (free!),
  • help your students select three GiggleCrittters as mascots for their class webpage, and
  • answer Author-GiggleCritter’s call to share your students’ writing with a worldwide audience!

Get ready for furry, finny, fuzzy creative fun as your students observe, research, write, photograph, draw, and celebrate local animals. (no zoo animals, please)

Whether you work with one small group or an entire grade level, we want your students to share their Animal Antics on GiggleIT by 31 December 2014, so register and send in your students' work soon.

Questions? Please contact the GiggleIT team at – you’ll also submit all student works to this address.

* In 2013, Dr. David Lankes stated that “The Mission of Librarians is to Improve Society through Facilitating Knowledge Creation in their Communities.” Roy Tennant simply says that “The Mission of Librarians is to empower” in this 2014 blog post.

Other project ideas

Schools may always contribute creative student works to their GiggleIT page based on their current curriculum or other GiggleIT Project themes like Lucky 13, Trickster Tales, Colors of My World, and Welcome to My Place.

Also consider introducing students to the many writing genres noted on the GiggleIT Resources page, such as Tall Tales, Culturalized Fairy Tales, and Personal Anecdotes.

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