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The IASL Newsletter is published four times a year and distributed to all members of the association via email. The Newsletter contains professional and news articles; reports of conferences and other Association activities; news about developments in school librarianship from around the world; news from member associations; professional reviews; announcements; and other information of interest to members of the Association. Issues average around 12 pages and can include inserts, voting information, and material about IASL annual conferences. 

The IASL Newsletter is authored by members and for members only.

Submission Policy

We publish the IASL newsletter on the second Wednesday of January, April, July and October. 

To allow for collection time, we set out the first call for articles 21 days before the publish date via the IASL listserv. We then call for articles again 10 days before the publication date.

The last date to accept articles is seven days ahead of publication.

Editor: IASL Secretariat

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