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Overview of the Project

The GiggleIT Project is an original online publication of children’s humorous and creative writing from around the world. It is written by kids for other kids to read and enjoy.
  • Your students may work in groups of 3-4, pairs or individually to create their final text.
  • Students must be aware of their reading audience and the context for which they are writing. 
  • It may be helpful for you to remind students that each one is a writer who has been commissioned by an international publication to create humorous work which can be distinctively identified with your home country through setting, characters, situations, foods, animals, landmarks, etc.
You will also need to help your students identify the culturally-specific words or slang in their writing which might not be clear to kids reading their work in another country. Then your students can create a glossary with short definition for each term to accompany their writing.
These genres are especially suited for student writing and the GiggleIT Project:

A) poem- e.g. acrostic, limerick, shape or free verse; [PDF files]
B) tall tales [PDF file] – an exaggerated fictional work;
C) jokes/gags [PDF file]- appropriate for age level in subject and vocabulary;
D) personal anecdotes [PDF file] – stories about family, hobbies, pets, school;
E) culturalizing well known stories [PDF file]- rewriting fairy tales, myths or legends with own cultural slant; and
F) fractured/modern fairy tale [PDF file] - adapting a well-known folk tale, myth or legend, while keeping the theme, moral in the story, and humor appropriate.

Tales, stories, and anecdotes (genres b, d, e, and f) may not exceed 500 words maximum, so students must practice their editing skills while preparing these works for possible inclusion on their GiggleIT Project class page.
Evaluation is an essential aspect of good writing. To encourage the development of critical analysis, thinking skills and evaluation, each class will be restricted to 5 entries per genre on their class web page. As part of the project, students will evaluate their work and make decisions as a group about which ones will be nominated for publication on the web site.
GiggleIT’s free teaching resources and hosting for school/class webpages are provided by the International Association of School Librarianship on the IASL site, so we do not have unlimited space to post every work written by every student.
As you submit the exemplary works selected by your class(es), please remember to identify students only by their initials for safety; remember that GiggleIT can be accessed by anyone anywhere with an internet connection.
Please keep in mind that the GiggleIT Team is a volunteer group within IASL’s Children and Young Adult Literature Special Interest Group, so review and posting of your students’ work will not be instantaneous!
If you have any questions, please contact the GiggleIT Team. We are looking forward to reading what your students want to share with the children of the world!

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GiggleIT Teaching and Learning Community 

GiggleIT is a collaborative Project between educators and students around the world. The Project operates under a Creative Commons license which allows everyone to share ideas and resources while still recognizing the work done by the original authors. GiggleIT is hosted by The International Association of School Librarianship and in partnership with the International Children’s Digital Library.
Teachers and teacher-librarians are especially encouraged to use the resources provided by the GiggleIT team. However, the GiggleIT Team recognizes that these represent only one interpretation of many possible ways to teach such a collaborative program. We encourage you to adapt and use the resources and then send copies of your work to the GiggleIT team to add to the repository of resources available on the IASL website. As a collective we can assist others while also helping ourselves to new ideas and ready-made teaching-learning documents.

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