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Children's and Young Adult Literature SIG

Chair: Dr. Kasey Garrison, Lecturer Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga, NSW Australia: Email


  1. to exchange information about current developments in the field, including collection development, author awareness, publisher access and issues;
  2. to share methods of promoting literature with children and young adults for their love of reading;
  3. to discuss methods of developing an appreciation of the place of literature in personal development and in the curriculum process;
  4. to report trends in children and young adult reading interests;
  5. to identify research and research needs related to children and young adult literature;
  6. to consider and report on literature in alternative media formats and their impact on school librarianship;
  7. to participate as a member of the Awards Committee for the IASL Books for Children Award grant;
  8. to organize and report on the International Children's Book Display at the annual IASL conference.

Potential activities

  1. to disseminate information on the range of international and national awards related to children's literature;
  2. to identify curriculum sources for facilitating teaching and learning centring on children's and young adult literature;
  3. to identify children's and young adult literature web sites;
  4. to establish links with author and illustrator groups;
  5. to publish success stories on approaches to promoting reading and literature appreciation;
  6. to identify research in children's literature, both published and work in progress;
  7. to discuss research needs;
  8. to discuss significant issues such as censorship, students as authors, intellectual property;
  9. to identify sources of reviews of children's literature, both electronic and in print.
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