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of School Librarianship

School Library Research SIG

C0-Chair: Melissa P. Johnston, University of West Georgia, Carrollton, GA, USA

C0-Chair: Jennifer Moore, University of North Texas, Denton, TX, USA


    • to promote an understanding of the importance and value of research on school librarianship, its theory and practice;
    • to promote and encourage research related to school librarianship, including action research, school-based research, and small-scale local projects;
    • to encourage the sharing of research findings;
    • to disseminate information about recently completed research and research in progress;
    • to provide practical guidance to people wishing to undertake research in the field of school librarianship by providing access to expertise, information about possible sources of funding, and information about methodology.

    Potential Activities

    • identify links to other educational listservs focusing on school-based research;
    • provide abstracts of recently completed research;
    • develop a list of national and international funding agencies
    • identify key problems / dilemmas of practice that may be explored through research
    • develop a list of web sites which specialise in specific research approaches eg action research;
    • develop a list of active researchers in school librarianship.


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