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Skype Project

Skype is a wonderful opportunity for students around the world to talk in real time during International School Library Month.  Students can learn from each other and connect with different cultures!!!  Students can talk about great books they are reading.  

 Librarians/teachers will need to contact a participant on the list to skype with as well as looking at the time zones that would be feasible for their school to skype with.  ISLM will not make the matches for Skype.  The instructors will arrange times to skype with and will discuss in advance what the students will be talking about and to have all questions ready for a successful session!

The period for skyping is through October 1 to October 31.


The closing date for registering for the 2020 Skype Project is: October 11, 2020.



The following information will help you with your Project:

1. Register online for the Skype project. See Sheet 1 on the registration form at the link below.

2. Participants will need to install Skype on their devices and set up an account.

3. Skype sessions should be made during the month of October

4. It is recommended  that  participants arrange a Skype call test between Skype partners before the day, to minimize any technical errors that may happen during Skype time.

5. Participants are asked to please return to the registration link after their Skype session so they can write a comment about their experiences on the Response Form at  Sheet 2 of the registration form at the link below.

6. It would be fun for the participants to take pictures and submit them for inclusion on the “What Others Are Doing for ISLM” web page, so the others can see what you are doing for International School Library Month.

7. In this unprecedented time when schools around the world have adapted to virtual teaching and learning, here is an opportunity to connect with a school over Skype and share your readings with them. To participate in this project the person in charge has to ensure that all students have their individual Skype account and they can easily connect through Skype from their home


Skype Project Coordinators: Inez Kinanthi & Abha Singh



Click here to view the Skype Project Registration Form.

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