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Martynas Jankus Basic School's GiggleCritter Selection

Our Country


Lithuania is in the northeast of Europe. It is one of the European countries. Our neighbour countries are Latvia, Belarus, Poland and Russia. Lithuania has a beautiful sandy coastline and also spectacular dunes of the Curonian Lagoon. The Baltic Sea is in the west of the country. One-third of the country is forested with oak trees, birch, black alder, and pines. Wildlife is rather diverse. Wolves, foxes, elk, stags, deer, beavers, otters, badgers, wild boars and other mammal and rodent species thrive in the nature. Lithuania is one of the few countries where migrating birds are banded at the Vente Horn Ornithology station. Hundreds of species of birds like white storks, ducks, geese, swans, cormorants, herons, hawks dwell in the marshlands and by the rivers and lakes of the country.

Our City


Silute is a town is in the west part of Lithuania. It is small but very important. It is the capital of Silute District.  There remain many old buildings in our town:  an old post office (1905), a fire station (1911), a court building and prison (1848), a bridge across river the Šyša (1914), an estate of H. Scheu (1818), an old market square, a harbor, railway station and a bridge (1875).

In the town we have got an amateur theatre, a library, a museum, three churches, a few hotels, and many cafés, restaurants, bars and many shopping centers.

There is a large milk factory Silutes Rambynas (1842). They make butter and cheese and other milk products. We have got a big furniture factory too. People make tables, chairs, wardrobes, sofas and other things there. Silute is a very busy town.

Silute has got a harbor. There are many little boats there. My town is very beautiful in summer. I love it.

-  Mantas L. (form 4a)

My Town Silute

I live in a town called Silute, It is small, 25,000 people in it. The town has got two rivers – Sysa and Nemonas. Silute has got three schools. It is very beautiful and green. I learn in Martyno Jankus Basic School. I love my town.

- Zilvanus (form 4a)


I live in Silute. It is not a city. About 25,000 people live in it. Silute has got two rivers. They are the Sysa and the Nemunas. Silute has got three basic schools. My town is so green. I go swimming in summer. I am at M. Jankus basic school. I love my town Silute.

- Emilija (form 4a)

My town Silute

This is my town. It is not a city. About 25,000 people live in it. Silute has got two rivers. They are the Sysa and the Nemunas. Town has got three schools. I go to M. Jankus Basic School. I love my town!

- Elinga (form 4 a)

Our School

Martynas Jankus Basic School

Class 3 and Class 4 will participate

There are about 800 children in Silute Martynas Jankus Basic School. We have got around 80 teachers and helpers.  The classrooms, school gym, sportsf ield and other places in school are very good and have a lot of equipment for exercises.  We have got three IT rooms at school. Two for big students and one for primary children. We do a lot of sports, music, handcrafts, drama, chess, folklore, safe traffic, ecology and arts activities.  A lot of international, republic and school projects take place here.

Our school is safe, healthy and very nice place to be. Children wear uniforms. The uniforms have our school badges on them. I enjoy wearing a uniform. I like my school very much.

-  Juste (form 4c)

My school is so big. Its name is Martyno Jankaus basic school. My classroom is on the first floor. I am in primary class 3b. I have many friends in my class. My teacher is very very nice. I like Lithuanian, Maths and English. I sing and dance at school too. We have got 4, 5 or 6 lessons every day. I have my lunch at school in our big canteen. We have got a big playground outside. I run and play there with my friends.

 - Teja (form 3b)

Our Projects


I love horses

Tigers, bunnies

Monkeys too

They are so funny.

    - Urte (form 3b)



      Many jellyfish

      Can you see?

      Small and big

      In our Baltic Sea.

        - Mantas (form 3b)


          Kitchen dog

          I love my dog

          My dog loves me

          Jumping on my food is not so good

          But he is my family.

            - Emilija and Gerda (form 4a)




              Soft beauty

              I love koalas

              They are beautiful

              And really soft

              Koakas are from Australia

              I like them a lot.

                - Elinga (form 4a)


                  Flying cat

                  My cat is cute and very playful too

                  He fell four times from balcony.

                  Some days he plays with my shoes

                  He loves to play with me.

                    - Akvile (form 4a)


                      Rabbit’s story

                      Rabbits are really cute and sweet

                      They’re fluff balls.

                      The have different colours

                      Rabbits like to play with toy balls

                      I love them.

                        - Skaiste (form 4a)


                          Cute chinchilla

                          It is 11 years old

                          My Chinchilla’s name is Puncikas

                          He’s very cute and old.

                            - Zilvinas (form 4a)


                              My dog is aggressive but I love him

                              When I try to brush him

                              He’s under the bed

                              I can’t find him.

                                - Ugne (form 3b)



                                  My rabbit is white

                                  So small and soft

                                  His name is Snow

                                  I love him a lot.

                                    -    Elina C (form 3c)



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