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Mircea Eliade High School, Intorsura Buzaului, Covasna, Romania


Mircea Eliade High School's GiggleCritter Selection

Our Country

Romania - The One and Only

Romania, located in southeastern Europe, is a mix of natural beauty, rustic places and modern cities. Our country borders The Black Sea in the south-east, Bulgaria in the south, Ukraine in the north, Hungary in the west, Serbia in the south-west and Moldova in the east.

One of Romania’s major tourist attractions is the Bran castle, associated with Dracula’s home, in Brasov county, Transylvania. Another famous landmark is the Peles Castle, of unique and spectacular beauty, placed on the Carpathian hillside. The medieval town Sighisoara is well worth a visit if you are into history, cobbled streets, and old, colourful buildings. An unusual tourist attraction is The Merry Cemetery in Sapanta, Maramures county, considered a folk art gallery with brightly coloured tombstones, crosses and statues celebrating the lives of the deceased. If you want to see Romania’s grace and natural beauty, its wilderness, its charming fauna and pristine landscapes, I advise you to watch the 2018 documentary ”Untamed Romania”. (A.S.)

Our City

Întorsura Buzăului

Întorsura Buzăului is a small town located in the middle part of Romania, near the wonderful Ciucaș Mountains. Because it is located in a depression, the temperature tends to go below 0 Centigrade (it sometimes reaches -30°C during winter), therefore our town is often nicknamed  ”The Little Siberia” or ”The cold pole”. On the other hand, the fact that it is located in a depression brings some advantages, including our picturesque landscapes offered by the mountains and the magnificent Urlatoarea Waterfall.

The ”Ciobanasul” (little shepherd) festival has been hosted annually since 1972 on the first Sunday in September, a big occasion for people to meet with their friends and family and to create new friendships. (A.C.)

Întorsura Buzăului is the name of my lovely and tiny town, located in the south-east of Romania,in the region of Transylvania known for its legend of Dracula (no, I haven’t seen a vampire in real life). The town is also named “the Little Siberia” or “The cold pole” as the city/region from Romania where it is recorded the most frosty and icy temperature. Sadly or not, the low temperatures have never stopped us from going to school. J

This town is so small that almost everyone knows everyone, which can be a disadvantage most of the times because some of these people can be very talkative. We have two high schools and the one I’m studying at is very notorious for its results at national exams,competitions and olympiads with so many clever youth. We have stores and restaurants, but we don’t have that many facilities as a town in the true sense of the word. All in all, I love this town as small as it is because I’ve grown in a beautiful and healthy way far from heavy pollution or harmful people. (C.C.)

Our School

Mircea Eliade Theoretical High School

Mircea Eliade the name patron of our school is a renowned scholar: historian of religion, fiction writer, philosopher, and professor at the University of Chicago. The motto of our high school is Education means change  and we change along with it.

Our school promotes the following values and principles:

1.  Integrity: Telling the truth is necessary. We want to act honestly and to respect each other.

2. Progress: Quality work, individual or in team, is rewarded and we work to get good results.

3. Perseverance: We find the power to go forward despite difficulties or personal problems.

4.  Honor: Correctness and honesty is everyone’s goal, both teachers’ and students’.

5.  Acceptance of responsibilities: We assume liability for our own actions and for the „thing well done”.

6.  Respect: We show consideration to all people, to authorities, to propriety and of course, to ourselves.

Our high school has been recently refurbished so we learn in a new, modern building with clean and bright interiors, science labs, a library, an elevator, a gym, a food shop, and a large yard.

We take part in many international, national, regional and local projects, competitions and extracurricular activities because we believe that change starts from each of us. If we improve ourselves, we improve the world we live in. (F.B.)

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