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Welcome, readers!

Young writers and artists from many countries shared their knowledge and humor through the GiggleIT Project from 2009 through 2019. Read about our History and Special Envoys here.

We invite you to enjoy the creative and informative works by students ages 8-20 collected in regional eBooks on this page.

GiggleIT for Educators

The GiggleIT Project allows your students to creatively communicate their personal knowledge and what they learn, using your school library as their research and writing lab. Originally designed for students ages 10-14, GiggleIT is easily adapted for use by younger gifted students, youth with special needs, and English Language Learners of all ages.

Now a “publish at your place” activity, the GiggleIT Project features free lesson plans and teaching resources for five thematic units with two Spotlight Projects each; details at How to GiggleIT.

For questions or to share links to your students’ GiggleIT works on your school website, please contact the GiggleIT Project Team at

As a collaborative Project between educators and students around the world, the GiggleIT Project operates under a Creative Commons license which allows everyone to share ideas and resources while still recognizing the work done by the original authors.

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