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What People are Doing for ISLM 2016 

Theme: "Learn to Decode Your World" 











Sri Lanka


We are not currently taking submissions for International Library Month.
Check back during the fall of 2017! 

Country: Botswana

Name: Lillian Oats

Position: Libraries Cluster Chair Person

Organization: Kanye School

School library day date: 11.10.2016

Venue: Mathiba Junior Secondary School








Country: Croatia (Hrvatska)

Name: Drazana Filipovic

Position: Professor of Croatian language and the librarian, and mentor (Profesorica hrvatskoga jezika i dipl. knjižničar, mentor)

Organization: Srednja skola fra Andrije Kacica Miosica, Makarska, Croatia;


School library month in our school is always fun and creative. This year it began by making bookmarkers with first to fourth year high school students. The students presented their inner world through imaginative artworks. The bookmarkers will be exchanged with our partner schools in Portugal, Trinidad and Tobago and Hungary.

We marked Makarska City Day (October 24) with an exhibition of young artists' works. Our students also exhibited their photographs at Possibilities Fair.

In addition to this, we painted the school's exhibition area  in autumn colours with quotes on books, reading and school libraries  on our picturesque board.

Students enjoy spending time in the libary creatively, so we took part in „Paint the World“ contest on tolerance with our photographs and video clips.

The school librarian welcomed freshmen to the library and presented its premises and cultural and public activities. On that occasion, a workshop entitled „This Is Me“ was held, in which the students revealed their inner world, got to know and present themselves as well as discover which life goals they could realize.

Our diligent students will be creatively expressing themselves all year long! We enjoy such activities and our door is always open to creative and hardworking students who learn to „code“ their world.



Country: Croatia

Name: Melisanda Masnica

Position: Librarian

Organization: Elementary School Novska

AIM: to make students aware of importance of a school library as a place where students are prepared for life and the process of lifelong learning, as well as the information and cultural centre of school; promoting multicultural diversity; developing art and literal creativity in students

WAYS OF IMPLEMENTATION: students in groups and individually make bookmarks for their colleagues abroad on given subject throughout October in workshops organized in the school library, they make bookmarks about their school, town and country which we sent to our colleagues abroad; they plan an exhibition with their English teacher and the librarian in which they exhibit information about the partner-school and their work

PROJECT COORDINATORS: Main project coordinator is Ms. Breege O'Brian from IASL (Northern Ireland), Coordinator of Bookmarks project in our school is Melisanda Masnica, a school librarian; Collaborator in the Project is Vanesa Ficko Berić, an English teacher and her 7A class and members of Book’s Friend Club


September: application, selection and agreement of school libraries all over the world about their involvement in the project and their collaboration through the main coordinator Breege O'Brian from IASL.


1. Planning and making of bookmarkers ( Croatian ethno motives, in a shape of a tie and Croatia, Licitar hearts,

2. Work on a Powerpoint presentation and written presentation about our country, town and school with th accent on our subject :

3. Tradition and customs of our county; writing a letter to our colleagues abroad in English; making of flyers about the school in English

4. Making a video about our project( teachers Miroslav Matić, Ivica Lalić and Domagoj Pešut)

24th October: to mark International Day of School Libraries we exchange bookmarks with Shenton College, Perth, Australia; sending of conclusion report on carried out activities in the project with photographs and a video to the main coordinator

* Connection with our partner-school via Skype and talking to them after bookmars exchange

žDecember: presentation of the project on a parental meeting

žFebruary:Presentation of the project in our Teacher’s meeting


Shenton College is a co-educational public secondary school located in Shenton Park, a suburb of Perth, Western Australia. Shenton College was established in January 2001 through the amalgamation of Swanbourne and Hollywood Senior High Schools at a cost of $23.5 million. 23 students aged 12-13. Their librarian is Brenda Clover.


Hello from Novska!

We go to the 7th grade and we are mostly thirteen-year-olds. We go to Novska's Elementary school. Our school is the biggest school in our county and we have the highest number of students, as well. Our school is also the only elementary school in our town.All children 7-15 go to our school and this year we have 825 students.

Novska is a small town with a beautiful park in its centre, a nearby lake and oak forests all around it.

Novska is in a part of Croatia called West Slavonia, in Sisak-Moslavina county. Our county is best-known for our Nature reserve “Lonjsko polje“. There is a famous European stork village called Čigoč (Chigoch) in “Lonjsko polje“ .

The biggest Croatian river flows through our county and it is called the Sava.

Croatia is a country at the crossroads of Central Europe, Southeast Europe, and the Mediterranean.

We are members of the EU since 2013. Our capital city is Zagreb.

There are a lot of beautiful sights in our country, many of them are protected by UNESCO. We also have a lot of national parks and nature reserves, one of the most famous are The Plitvice Lakes.

Dubrovnik with its Walls, Split with Diokletian palace, Pula with Amphitheatre and our gorgeous Adriatic coast with around thousand islands are just some of the reasons why Croatia is special.

We will show to you some of our symbols on our bookmarks.

Best regards!

- Your friends from Croatia, Novska!

Click here to view Novska's full PowerPoint presentation!




Country: Croatia

Name: Kristina Bačani, Josipa Kalac

Position: Teachers

Organization: Elementary School Augusta Harambašića, Zagreb -

This was the first year that our school participated in the ISLM Bookmark exchange project. Pupils were enthusiastic about the whole idea, especially when they heard who our school partners were (Portugal and USA).

They tried to represent their own world on the bookmarks, so they drew everything what made them happy. They were very creative, as you can see in the photos.

Second-graders learned more about Portugal through videos and photos, while fourth-graders are going to learn something about North Carolina as they plan to exchange letters with their new friends on the other side of our planet.

We are sharing bookmarks with the following schools:

- Virginia Williamson Elementary School, North Carolina, USA

- Escola Básica da Conquinha, Torres Vedras, Portugal



Country: India (Allahabad, UP)

Name: Madhuri Rawat

Position: Teacher-Librarian 

Organization: Kendriya Vidyalaya IIIT-Jhalwa;,

The goal of skype is:

· Make connections between the different locations and communities

· Learn about geography

· Talk “to strangers”, practicing speaking skills and conversation skills, be aware of body language.

· Reflect on how and what we are learning

· Invite a global audience (including parents and grandparents) to continue a conversation via the classroom blog

· Continuously becoming better at asking questions and learning that questions don’t stop at the end of a lesson, day, Skype call

· Conversation by Skype:

· Free flowing conversation,

· Content conversation,

· Follow along conversation

· Body language conversation

· Ping pong conversation

Core Team of the Project:

· Shri Vijieyesh Pande,Principal

· Smt.MadhuriRawat,Librarian/Project Co-ordinator

· Smt Tripti Shukla,Member

· Shri Sunil Gupta,Member

· Shri S.S.Singh,Member

Projected group:

from class 3rd to 5th

Partner for the Skype:

· Snonvana Skole Studenci,Croatia


jelena Kujundzic


Time Management:

First of all both the side fixed the time appropriate for us. Then we discuss for the date and time for Skyping - our timing was fixed by the Croatia i.e 7:30 a.m in Croatia and 12 noon in India.

Place selection for Video-conferencing:

Conference Hall of IIIT, Allahabad with prior permission of the authority

Date of Skype video conferencing:18th of November, 2016

Skype: Video conferencing session implementation

As part of the International Project of making bookmarks, in which our school for the first time included this year, on Wednesday November 18 2016 with Skype, we heard from our partners in Croatia. At 12 noon in the conference hall with whiteboard gathered all the students eagerly awaiting who will greet first, "on the other side of the screen waiting us twenty seven children from Croatia with smiles on their faces. We replyed them greeting, and they returned the greeting briefly presented. We learned that their school has 27 students, and they were interesting information to all students of our school currently in the classroom.We asked them to all subjects taught in schools and that their favorite subject, and they wanted to know which sports are dealing with, what kind of clothes we wear, how we called the president. Our half-hour gathering ended with their invitation to visit them in India, and we said that we would gladly welcomed their newfound friends from India.


The co-coordinator/Librarian of Snonvana Skole Studenci Croatia, Mrs. Jelena Kujundzic, said: 

”We are very glad that we had Skype conversation. Our children and the teachers were very satisfied. I hope that you were satisfied also.”

Our school children and core team also very satisfied by the Skype conversation from Croatia.




Country: India  

NameMs. Ruchi Kapoor

Position: School librarian

OrganizationAdani Vidya Mandir 


Wishing you all a very Happy New Year from the students and staff of Adani Vidya Mandir at Ahmedabad (Gujarat) in India.

We enthusiastically celebrated International School Library week in the week starting from 3rd October 2016 to 7th October 2016 at Adani Vidya Mandir.


Adani Vidya Mandir is an initiative of Adani Foundation, a corporate social responsibility of the Adani group of Industries and set up with the objective of providing free education to meritorious students coming from challenging economic background and to enable such students to reach at the zenith in their chosen fields.

The theme of this year’s ISLM “Learn to Decode your World” was the base for our week long celebrations which included participation of entire students and staff of Adani Vidya Mandir. Our principal Ms. Raji Jayaprasad and Vice-Principal Mr. Rajeev Saxena encouraged our ISLM celebrations and participated whole heartedly.


International School Library Month celebration in Adani Vidya Mandir started on 3rd October 2016 with a speech on the significance of ISLM 2016.

On the inaugural day of ISLM i.e. 3rd October Principal Madam acquainted students with the significance of Library in their lives. Librarian Ms. Ruchi Kapoor acknowledged everyone about the origin of ISLM, the objectives and purpose of celebrating it. The theme of ISLM was presented beautifully among students. A beautiful dance “Fairy Tale Song” on the characters of Fairy Tales was enacted by the students of Std. V and VI. Students sang the song “Habitat” together and celebrated the world Habitat day.

In the end a message was given to the students to use the Library resources wisely and follow the rules and regulations sincerely.


ISLM committee under the leadership of Breege O’Brien of Ireland planned a number of activities like ISLM Book-Mark Exchange project, ISLM Skype project, Book-Mark sharing with other branches of Adani Vidya Mandir, Exhibitions, Decorating Bulletin Boards in school and recognising outstanding students who have used the library.

We are proud to announce that we took part in the ISLM Book-Mark Exchange Project.


We are happy to say that we swapped our book-marks with Osnovna škola Stjepana Radica Bibinje

at Bibinje in Croatia under the Librarianship of Marijana Pavic. Students of VI and VII graders made book-marks on spell binding themes such as India’s culture and heritage, Endangered animals and birds and famous quotes on saving our Environment. Students were found very delighted and thrilled to complete this project. We hope this project will strengthen and enrich our cultures. Croatia is a beautiful country in Central Europe. We whole heartedly thank ISLM team to provide an opportunity to work with such a wonderful country.


3rd October-7th October

On the occasion of ISLM English, Hindi and Gujarati Language assembly were put forward by the students. Subject Experts gave their views on importance of Literature in society. Several programmes were held to acquaint students with our school library.


Display of books on different subjects like philosophy, biographies, junior fiction, novels, works of great personalities such as Aurobindo, Mahatma Gandhi was done in Junior and Senior Library. Students were pleased to read such informative and knowledgeable resources.


We had various vibrant activities such as ISLM Logo coloring activity, Story Theatre, Riddles and Quiz from children’s Magazines, Poetry Recitation, Time-line of William Shakespeare, Mind-map on countries of the world, Details of Extinct and Endangered animals such as Dodo, Asian Lion etc.

We celebrated Multi-Lingual Literature Days. On these days regional, National and International Literature of ancient, Medieval and Present Era was studied and displayed. The informative works of great authors and poets were appreciated. On the last day a tribute to William Shakespeare was given by recognizing his great works. We proud to say that we keep writings of such great writers in our school Library. All in all it was a great experience. Entire week of ISLM was celebrated actively and enthusiastically. The aim of adopting ISLM was achieved joyfully. A heartily thanks to ISLM Team, its co-ordinators and members from Adani Vidya Mandir. Once again we wish you all a blissful ISLM. Thanks and Good-Bye.





Country: India (Jaipur)

NamesNancy Tiwari XI-A and Dr. Sarwesh Pareek

Position: Librarians

Organization: Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan Vidyashram Pratapnagar 


The Barren pages are the fertilious lands for a reader that gives heaps of joy and sorrow. Reading is a good habit people say and true they say. They say its increases vocabulary but yes, it refines our thoughts too. For someone in a dark, lost phase of life, books be it Bible or Quran or an amusing piece of literature proves a boon and for the students it’s the torch of enlightenment.

Carrying and encouraging the same feeling in students hearts Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan Vidyashram Pratapnagar organized for the second time International School Library Month which was the title of for several activities that took place under its banner. It’s a collaboration effort that has now become a regular feature known in the school as “Library Week”.

Book Mark designing for classes VI-VIII was held on 27th September, 2016 where nearly 55 students took part in marking the pages with colorful exhibits of theirs. Not only this, these bookmarks were sent to Óbudai Árpád Gimnázium, a Hungarian School that were a part of collaboration.

Next in line of celebration was “Identify and Paste a Cartoon Character” (IPAC) activity in which enthusiastic students identified the Nick and Hungama stars cartoon characters like Ninja Hattori, Chota Bheem, etc. This activity was for students of class –I.

Also there were silent admirers to the show who were our reporters who reports spoke highly of the event and we gave them a platform of “News Report writing competition” students of classes XI-XII participated in the same.

Book Jacket Designing was book for classes Iv-V also gave wings to people’s imagination and they drew attractive book jackets. Nearly 50 students participated and the best of Book Jackets were chosen for felicitation.

Following book Jacket designing was “Book Review Writing” for classes IX-X in which they wrote reviews of their course book like “Three Man in Boat” (Class-IX) and “Story of My Life (Class-X)” Reviews for hindi books written by Sharad Chandra Chattopadhyay & Rabindra Nath Tagore were there too.

Another activity for class IX-X which was Inter House “Book Discussion took place on October 5, 2016. The theme was “Autobiographies and Biographies of living Legends”. Books written by Malala, Sachin Tendulker & Natwar Singh were discussed. Their courage and talent became inspiration for all and questioning round strengthened their opinions too. 4 students from each house sat to talk on the selected book.

Katha Sagar (Story telling competition) was held on October 7, 2016 where students of classes II-II narrated their favorite stories and amused the audience. The confidence, the sprit exhibited by these tiny-tots was appreciable.

At last, the event headed towards its conclusion which was ultimately the book fair by BPI India & S. Chand. Students browsed through the books and picked up the ones they liked and another reader was hence born in the students. It was inaugurated on October 7, 2016 and concluded on October 9, 2016.






Country: India (Dehradun)

Name: Chingakham L Devi (Ranjana)

Position: Head of the Library

Organization: Kasiga School;,

The ISLM was celebrated for the first time in Kasiga School, a coeducational residential International School, Dehradun (India). Several activities took place to celebrate the International School Library Month. The main objective of this enterprise is to attract pupils’ attention to the library, to inculcate amongst the students a habit of reading books and to encourage them to explore the treasure of knowledge hidden in the books. During the ISLM, the activities are planned not only to encourage a regular reading habit amongst the students but also to bring out their creative potential. It is in keeping with this objective that the students participated in ISLM Bookmark project was initiated. Children from classes 4 to 8 created bookmarks and exchanged them with their matched schools.


Brief outline of the ISLM activity:

  •        Book Cover Design Competition
  •        Poster Making
  •        Bookmark Making Competition
  •        Sharing Book Reviews
  •        Information Literacy
  •        Story Narration Competition
  •        Bookmark Exchange Project

Book Cover Design Competition:

Kasiga students participating in the ‘Book Cover Design Competition’ were at their creative best during the International School of Library Month, 2016. The competition was based on three different topics:                                                         

  • Story Book Cover design, Journal/ Magazine Cover design and Biography/ Autobiography Cover design  

Different mediums of art were used to create and innovate. The students used oil and water colors and an interesting variation was sponge painting. The students, especially those who enjoy reading, crafted some interesting and thought provoking designs and were excited at the thought of their designs being cover pages!


Poster Making:

The students enthusiastically participated in the competition and displayed their creative skills by painting the animated characters in multiple colours.


Bookmark making Competition:

The theme for the bookmark making competition is Learn to Decode Your World. Children participated earnestly and came up with amazing artwork in making the Book Marks.

Competitions like these are necessary to bring out the hidden talent in children. Painting is a popular hobby. It is possible for those with talent to become good artists. The contribution of artists to a cultured society is immense. The hidden talents of students were reflected in their drawing. All students eagerly participated in these competitions. Students proved that they not only excel in academics, but also shine in exhibiting their skills by their creative presentation.


Sharing Book Reviews:

The students of Kasiga School wrote book reviews on books written by their favourite authors like Charles Dickens, Roald Dahl and Enid Blyton. The students really enjoyed this activity, and it also helped exposed them to new ideas and more information which helped in developing the creative side of the brain and imbibing innovation into your thinking process. We are very pleased to see the response and the kind of enthusiasm that students have shown in reading books and writing a review.

Story Narration Competition:

Story Narration is a great activity for learning. Story Narration contest helped the students in their communication and language skills while giving them the opportunity to share their magical worlds using paints and pencils. Students loved weaving stories of their own or drawing random things on walls, paper or just about anything! They made their own props and utilized them according to the story. Students of all ages love stories. Story Narration is an art that has mental, social and educational benefits for children. Kasiga Students are great fans of stories and love to narrate.


Information Literacy Programme:

Library class meets once each week as a required part of the Information literacy program.  During the library period we not only discuss library books and the periodicals but the students also research and learn methods of citing sources of information.  We learn about the books beyond the textbook. Most importantly, our goal is for the students to develop a love of reading and research beyond the textbook,   and something you all have not studied in the normal classes. Bring an interesting object to the class...Talk about it...Take them along the corridors and show them something interesting / informative. The Kasiga Library provides Informative Written piece, Informative videos, Informative Slides etc

The following are the topics of Information Literacy programme: ‘Water Pollution’ and ‘Global Warming’


Bookmark Exchange Project:

The Bookmark Exchange Project is a fun way of sharing the creativity and innovation    and making new friends through school libraries worldwide. Kasiga School Library participated for the first time in the Bookmark Exchange Project. Our students communicated with the partner school (s) as we made our bookmarks so that they could exchange knowledge about each other’s culture and a way of life. This year we shared our Book Marks Project with schools from other parts of the globe and also will be participated in the global ‘Skype Project.

Sharing Bookmarks project with the following schools:

- OŠ Dragutina Lermana, Brestovac, Požeška 45, Croatia

-  Escola Básica de Alpendorada, Portugal

-  Providence Elementary School, Alabama USA 35806

Country: India (Allahabad,UP)

Name: Madhuri Rawat

Position: Librarian Teacher

Organization: Kendriya Vidyalaya IIIT-Jhalwa;,

The bookmark exchange project was celebrated second time this year in KV IIIT Jhalwa,Allahabad.Under this project several items organised with the different age groups of children and bookmarks exchanged with different countries i.e China,Croatia and West Indies.Our Students exchange the culture and habit of other countries with especial reference to reading and habitat.

Brief outline of ISLM 2016 Activities:

Bookmark Making Competition

Story Writing Competition

Story Telling Competiton

Online Bookreview Writing

Bookmark Exhibition

Book Ambulance

The bookmarks shared with these countires-

- Osnovnaškola"Studenci", Studenci, Putškole 15, 21265 Studenci, Croatia

- St.Joseph'sConventPOS, 57-59 Pembroke Street, Port of Spain, Trinidad, West Indies

- TinShuiWaiMethodistCollege, TinShuiWai, Area102, Phase4, TinFuCourt, HongKong, China

- EkonomskaškolaBraćaRadić, Vijenac kardinala Alojzija Stepinca 11, 31400 Đakovo, Croatia

I would like to thank ISLM2016 coordinator Breege O’Brien, for their guidance and support in our projects .Also I thank our partner schools for their cooperation in having successful and interesting bookmark exchange projects.I am also thankful to our Principal Mr.Vijieyesh Pande,Mr Deopal,Mr Amir Khan,Mr Laxmi Shankar,Mr S.S.Singh for their support.

Madhuri Rawat
ISLM 2016,K.V.IIIT Jhalwa,Allahabad,India





Country: India (Coimbatore, Tamilnadu)

Name: K. Latha,

Position: Librarian

Organization: The PSBB Millenium School,

"Those who don't believe in magic will never find it." — Roald Dahl, The Minpins

Roald Dahl was a novelist, short story writer, poet, screenwriter, diplomat, intelligence officer and fighter pilot. For Roald Dahl, it was possibly his ability to search deep into the minds of young readers and find a cherished spot for himself. Even decades after their original publication, young minds still find kindred souls among his characters. In this year, when we celebrate his centenary, we salute his genius and take our students on a path of discovery among his iconic characters. Therefore, this year, our theme for ISLM celebrations is “Roald Dahl Centenary”.


Write descriptions and draw pictures about what happens to the four naughty children in any of the following factory rooms:

Augustus Gloop: Chocolate Room

Violet Beauregarde: Invention Room

Veruca Salt: Nut Room

Mike Teavee: TV Room

An opportunity for the pupils to read a Roald Dahl book and articulate their views with illustrations. It improved their reading comprehension, written communication as well as their cognitive abilities


Draw your favourite characters and cut into shape based on Roald Dahl stories

An activity aimed to help students express their perceptions about Roald Dahl characters. It demonstrated how well they understood his personifications of characters.


Create a page of (or a scene) comic strip for your favourite Roald Dahl story.

Students became writers themselves and added their own personal flavours into legendary Roald Dahl situations.



Create a puzzle, word search, quiz etc., from your favourite Roald Dahl story.

The students not only paid attention to words they read, but also applied their thoughts to use them in creative pursuits like creating crosswords


Create craft items with chart or craft materials based on the stories like Fantastic Mr. Fox, The Enormous Crocodile, The Magic Finger and Esio Trot.

As a class, the entire book recreated pictorially and reading became more fun.


Create book jackets for your favourite Roald Dahl stories.

Using current technology to make trendy book jackets for books written almost half a century ago, helped to bridge the gap between sensibilities of the current readers and the sensitivities of a bygone millennium.


Book Mark Exchange Project

A novel opportunity to showcase and exchange their ‘litero-artistic’ abilities with an international peer group.

This year, we are participating in the ‘Book Mark Exchange Project’ with schools from Croatia, Lithuania, Texas (USA) and UK. As the canvas on which our students paint their success grows wider it cannot be a futile belief that Roald Dahl will inspire them to follow their hearts fearlessly.

Roald Dahl said, “Two hours of writing fiction leaves this writer completely drained. For those two hours he has been in a different place with totally different people.” Through this year’s ISLM celebrations, every student spent at least two hours recalling and interpreting some of his fiction and thereby relived the magic he created with his writing.




Country: India (Punjab)

Name: Ramandeep

Position: Head of Library

Organization: Mount Litera Zee School, Ludhiana;

Mount Litera Zee School is an endeavor by the Essel group to prepare the leaders of 21st century through its Education arm. This is the first time our school participated in Bookmark Exchange Project. We are matched with the following countries:

1. Grade-I : Royal School Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

2. Grade-II : Lakeland Elementary School, Lexisville, Texas

3. Grade-III : OS Okucani, Okucani, Croatia

4. Grade-IV : Ecole Greenfield School, Edmonton, Canada 5. Grade-V : Middle School of General Education No. 22, Russia

6. Grade VI: Kisboldogasszony Katolikus Altalanos Iskola, Hungary

Students from Grade I – VI made bookmarks with great zeal and enthusiasm for their friends.




“ A Wild chase of clues” . To sharpen their navigational skills and to know more about their library, Library Scavenger Hunt was organized for Grade- V. The best part of this hunt was to request Principal Ma’am for Selfie. Grade – V was divided into Four groups. All groups gave their 100% to complete all the tasks with the help of clues in minimum time.



Students of Grade-IV enjoyed a Buffet of delicacies. Students tasted different Genres.



Three days Scholastic Book Fair was organized for Nursery-VI


Country: India (Punjab)

Name: Seema Sohal

Position: Librarian

Organization: Learning Paths School, Mohali;,,,

ISLM Celebrations @ Learning Paths School, Mohali, India

Hurray! Another festive year of ISLM celebrations at ‘Learning Paths School’. The school celebrated this much awaited event with great fervor. This year, we got a bigger library room that means more space, more books, more reading, more learning, more activities and more celebrations! The school library hosted various events to mark the celebrations.

1) Roald Dahl’s 100th Birthday Celebrations: - The school library conducted a ‘Creative Writing Competition’ for the students on the themes from the scrumptious world of ‘Roald Dahl’.

2) Summer Reading Challenge: - The junior wing students participated in the school annual reading competition, ‘Summer Reading Challenge’. This competition aims at improving the reading skills of students and also motivated them to read.

3) Inter-House Library Quiz: - Students took a journey into the enchanted world of ‘Enid Blyton’ by participating in an Inter House Quiz on her books.

4) Bookmark Exchange Project 2016: - This is really a wonderful means of sharing information and learning beyond the geographical and language barriers, and making pals around the world. Students exchanged a lot of information on their respective countries about their culture, currency, festivals, cuisines, sports, national symbols, authors, books, and many more. This year our partner schools were: -

• Pine Road Elementary School (USA)

• Osnovna škola "Stjepan Radić", Božjakovina (Croatia)

• OŠ "Matija Gubec" Magadenovac (Croatia)

• Gray Academy of Jewish Education (Canada)

• "Ion Creanga" Secondary School (Romania)

• OŠ Vladimir Nazor Topusko (Croatia)

• TWGHs Lo Yu Chik Primary School (Hong Kong)

• Osnovna škola Trnovec ( Croatia)

• Kwok Man School (Hong Kong)

• Osnovna škola "Ivan Leko", Proložac (Croatia)

• Stamford American International School (Singapore)

• Lakeland Elementary School (USA)

• Kisboldogasszony Katolikus Általános Iskola (Hungary)

• Escola EB 2,3 Professor Delfim Santos (Portugal)

5) Scholastic Book Fair: - A three days ‘Scholastic Book Fair’ hosted in the school premises was an icing on the cake.

6) Author Visit: - Dr. Devika Rangachari, a historian and a well renowned children’s author visited Learning Paths School, Mohali. An interactive session on writing skills was arranged for the students to mark the celebrations of ‘International School Library Month’. The author shared her experience about her journey on becoming an author which she had never thought about as a child. Despite this, she has won 20 national awards for her published works. ‘Writing is flexible and goes easily with any career that you choose’, said Devika to the students. She suggested students to write about their fears and anxieties as this will certainly help them to get rid of these. The ‘Katha Club’ of the school, a budding authors' programme had an opportunity to interview the author and had a fruitful discussion about creative writing. Dr. Devika encouraged the students to keep writing in order to better their work and to never give up on this talent. The budding authors of Learning Paths thoroughly enjoyed their chat session with the author and were motivated to take up writing as a serious hobby.

7) Skype Interaction: - Technology has certainly brought the people closer. This year our students will be having a ‘Skype Session’ with ‘Russian State School number 4 of Kingisepp, Russia’ and ‘Centrul de Documentare și Informare "Mihai Eminescu", Romania.

I would like to thank ISLM coordinators for their guidance and support in our projects .Also I thank our partner schools for their cooperation in having successful and interesting exchange projects.




Country: India (Vasant Kunj, New Delhi)

Name: Meenu Jain & Ruby Gupta,

Positions: Librarians

Organization: GD Goenka Public School

G. D. Goenka Public School has been celebrating the International School Library Month for the last 10 years. The purpose of this celebration is to draw attention to the importance of school library in students’ education. Creating school wide reading culture is important to promote reading habits amongst the students. In celebration of the event, the school library organized a plethora of activities for the students. The students at each level enthusiastically participated in the activities and displayed their artistic and literary skills.

ISLM 2016 was marked by several events:

  • Bookmark making Competition
  • Draw & Describe favourite Book Character
  • Book Jacket Design Competition
  • Poster Making on Joys of Reading
  • Weaving a Story
  • Book Review competition
  • Inter house Book Quiz
  • Story Telling Workshop
  • Book Fair
  • Bookmark Exchange Project




Special Assembly

In the quest to build capable readers, promote independent reading and creating ravenous readers a special assembly on the topic “Magical World of Books” was put by the students. The inaugural day began with the students sharing views on their favourite books and authors. A skit was presented by the primary students on a scene from the famous book “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”. It was a visual bliss to watch these young artists performing on the stage meticulously. The aim of the skit was to spread the message that habit of reading books imbibes the values of Honesty, Hard Work, Kindness, Co-operation , Compassion, Forgiveness and Sharing in children. In the end everyone took the pledge to read books regularly.


Bookmark Exchange Project

This year our students exchanged their handmade bookmarks with 3 schools across the world.

SKH Yan Laap Memorial Primary School, Hong Kong

Whyte Ridge Elementary School, Canada

Sag Harbor Elementary School, New York

Our students were really excited about the project and immensely enjoyed making bookmarks. They shared information on their culture, traditions, festivals, books etc.


Inter House Book Quiz

In an endeavour to encourage its students to further enrich their reading skills, the school library conducted a Inter House Book Quiz for the students of classes IX to XI. Through various interesting as well as challenging rounds via audio visual tools, awareness of genres of books was assessed. The participants as well as the audience thoroughly enjoyed these rounds that tested how proficient they were in the world of books. Overall, the quiz turned out to be a fun and learning event for all the students.

Storytelling workshop

Storytelling is unmatched as a tool for stimulating the imagination. Kids love listening to stories. To keep the interest of reading going, the library organized a storytelling session by Ms. Sonia Duggal, a popular storyteller and a self taught puppeteer. Her repertoire includes a range of Indian Folktales and stories from Indian Mythology which lets students sample our ancient heritage. The main Objective of the workshop was to strengthen the communication skills and play story games. It was also to improve imagination and visualization. Children unanimously enjoyed the actions portrayed by her during the narration of stories.


Once again the ISLM proved to be a very good incentive in drawing attention to the importance of the school library in the process of learning .The very positive feedback and the overwhelming response from the students could only mean that it was a great success.

Looking forward to be a part of ISLM next year! Thanks to ISLM coordinators and IASL.

Country: Kazakhstan 

Name: Salamakhina O. and Gabbasova B.

Position: Librarians

Organization: Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Physics & Mathematics in Kokshetau,

Rory’s Story Cubes – creation of narrative skills!

Visual literacy – to help students be able to analyze visual information and create something new, and, also, to promote newspaper reading among them.

“Story Time” – Interactive reading with primary grade students.

Interactive lessons in collaboration with teachers.

Websites credibility lessons

2016 Bookmark Exchange Project

Skype sessions with other schools. Book discussion

Library Twilight – various activities in different zones of the library.



Country: Pakistan

Name: Mrs. Farhat Jabeen

Position: HHS Head Librarian

Organization: Happy Home School-Karachi,

ISLM Activities:

The International School Library Month was celebrated in our school with the following activities:

HHS Bookmark Exchange Project Pakistan: Theme: Save Our Earth.

One of the most awaited and an enjoyable event of the ISLM Celebrations is the Bookmark Exchange Project. This year we had a record number of 31 schools participating in the HHS Bookmark Exchange Project from all over the Pakistan.

A sharing Session was also held on November 12, 2016 to share experiences of the students, teachers and librarians of the Participating schools. Students had also participated in a Hands on Activity .Certificates were also awarded.

HHS has also Exchanged Bookmarks with the countries of Portugal and Romania.

HHS Interschool Storytelling Competition:

The Happy Home School Storytelling Competition in Urdu and English was held as part of the ISLM Celebrations on October 5, 2016. Students of Class VIII got an opportunity to learn and tell a story. Twenty schools of Karachi participated in the Interschool Storytelling Competition. Certificates and Shields were awarded to the winners of the HHS Interschool Storytelling Competition.

Celebrating Literary Figures of the Year:

Happy Home School has dedicated this year to two Literary Figures, Roald Dahl (English) and Ameer Khusrau (Urdu). Students have been reading excerpts of their work together and discovering interesting facts about the authors’ lives. An exposition of their work was presented in our Library and on Class Bulletin boards during the library month.

Various kinds of other activities were held during the library periods.

Grade II-III: Storytelling Sessions: Mothers of Primary Section showed keen interest in this activity. They came to tell the stories during the library periods.

Grade IV: Vocabulary Game: Odd One out - Students had to stand in a circle. They listened carefully to the given topics and gave a word within 30 seconds .If the student was incorrect, he/she sat down and last one standing was declared the winner.

Grade V: Dictionary Game:

1- How to use a Dictionary (Power Point Presentation)

2- Students found words with their meanings from the Dictionary.

3-Each team has to arrange 10 words in alphabetical order.

Grade VI: Favourite Story Books and their Characters. (Draw and describe)

Grade VII: “Reasons: why I read?” Why not? And What I want to Read? (Brainstorming Activity)

Grade VIII: Book Review Competition.

Grade IX-X: Ek din Ameer Khusrau Ke Naam: Introduction, life, work and Poetry

Power Point Presentation and a song were presented by the students.

Assembly presentations were also held to Celebrate International School Library Month.

Kutub Khana Ek Khazana, Literary work of Roald Dahl, Kitab Kahani, and Dress up as a Character from their Favourite Story was done.

Preparation of Class and School Bulletin Boards Related to the theme of International School Library Month were prepared.

Display of students’ work: In the classrooms and the library.

Book Fair: A book fair was arranged in which books of several types were available for the young learners’ at reduced prices.




Country: Poland

Name: Iwona Cymerman

Position: School Librarian

Organisation: Primary School Nr 6 in Siedlce,

THE WORLD LIKE A MAGNET - the exhibition

There is an infinite number of ways to SKYPE OR DECODE THE WORLD. You can do it touching a piece of Etna, spinning a prayer wheel or watch a resurrection plant reviving. This year we encourage our young learners, their parents and teachers to share the world they have explored, starting from the neighbourhood, throughout Europe and further. The exhibition is "interactive" - still attracting new items as well as new visitors. And it is growing day by day.



Country: Portugal

Names/Titles: Vera Pessoa (Librarian); Teresa Bartolomeu (EV teacher); José Moreira (Portuguese teacher), Luciana Esteves (Portuguese teacher), Fernanda Pereira (Portuguese teacher)

Organization: Agrupamento de Escolas de Carrazeda de Ansiães

This was also the first year that our school participated in the ISLM Bookmark exchange project. Our partners were Colonia (USA) e Warrnambool (Australia).

Our students tried to represent the school theme for this year “Memory and Identity” own their bookmarks. They were very creative. This theme includes the vineyard, which mainly covers the inhabitants of the villages that are implanted within the area of "Cultural Landscape Evolutionary and Viva", classified as World Heritage by UNESCO and a land of the international markets with the charismatic name of "Port Wine"; includes also olive oil that we have with great quality; and in recent decades the production of apple has been growing as a high quality fruit.

We hope you like our work.

You can find Carrazeda de Ansiães here:


Country: Portugal

Name: Manuela Maria L. Sá Cachada Baptista

Title: Teacher Librarian

Organization: Escola Básica Infanta D. Mafalda,Rio Tinto, Gondomar -


Adress: Rua da Campainha/ 4435-140 Rio Tinto/ Portugal

Contact information: Manuela Baptista -

This year our School Library participated in the ISLM with the following activities, among others:

- participation in "ISLM Bookmark Project 2016" (we changed 250 bookmarks with Australian, Canadian, Crotian, Chinese and Hungarian schools;

- we made some dicovery visits to the School Library by the students from the 5th classes, which are in our school for the 1st time;

- activity "How to learn to discodify your world through art... and discover the function of the museums in that discovery" (a work made by School Library with the Art subject and also with the Museu Soares dos Reis based on the work of the great portuguese paintor Amadeo de Souza- Cardoso);

- reopening the Worshop " Videos with verses" (project eTwinning which makes the sharing and thevisual illustration of poems):

- promotion of the "International Day of School library" (24th october) according with the theme " In the School Library, also the Science have its place".

We shared photos which show our dinamic through this month.




Country: ROMANIA

Name: VLAD EUGENIA -IOANA, ALEXANDRU BISCOVEANU- headmaster, Ivan Daniela, Stancu Luminita

Position: Teacher of Romanian literature and grammer

Organization: Scoala Gimnaziala George Poboran




Country: Romania

Name: Crina Liliana Mares

Title: Librarian

Organization: Scoala Gimnazială nr. 28 ”Dan Barbilian” Constanța ,Romania ( ID 316,317,318)

Address: Decebal Street nr. 15 Constanța

Contact information:


International School Library Month in 2016, under the guidance of librarian Crina Liliana Mares, our school has developed a series of activities. They aimed to promote reading for pleasure, the dramatization of readings, the opening of an exhibition with the most popular books for children, development of projects to eliminate violence in schools, readings from violence.

200 students from grades 0-VIII were made bookmarks that we have sent the partner schools.

1. Ecole Greenfield School , 3735 114 Street, Edmonton, AB, T6J 2GB, CANADA- bibl. Jane Zaiane ( 87 elevi de vârste 8-9 ani

2. OS Okucani- Alojzija Stepinca 5, 35430 Okucani,Croația- bibl. Kristina Dujmovic (  19 elevi de 7 ani

3. Virginia Williamson Elementary School- 1020 Zion Hill Road Bolivia, North Carolina  28422, USA- bibliotecar Julie Sloup ( 100 elevi de 9-10 ani

4. Lakeview Middle School – 4300 Keys.Dr.,The Colony, Texas 75056, USA- bibliotecar Cindy Dinneen ( 70 de elevi de 12-14 ani

It was a month full of events and achievements.

These events have collaborated teachers Doina David, Moraru Constanda, Simona Iliescu, Ortansa Stroe, Ciuca Monica, Paula Socariciu, Cristina Ursache, Irina Burlacu, Nicoleta Varsami, Camelia Orezeanu, Ana Maria Ciulin. Maria Arventiev, Galina Filat, Catherine Rupesac, Zecheru Florina.



COUNTRY: Romania

NAME: Lacramioara Onea

POSITION: School librarian

ORGANIZATION: Secondary School "George Enescu" Moineşti, Bacau

Since the slogan proposed in 2016 by the IASL for the celebration of these inexhaustible sources of culture was so generous - Learn to decode your world, Mrs. Lacramioara Onea, librarian at Secondary School "George Enescu" Moineşti, Bacau organized a special program entitled "My Library School is awesome!"

The program included:

- promoting the ISLM in school, with posters, slogans and flyers;

- launching the educational projects "The magic of books" and "Friends of the library";

- PowerPoint presentations about "Curiosities of the book world";

- the contest "Light of the words", for students grades V-VII, to verify the reading of the recommended books;

- the contest "dedicated acrostics" from the word library, both in Romanian and in English;

- literary and musical show "Discover the world of the library", attended by pupils grade III;

- creating a layout for "the train stories", with pupils grade II;

- top 10 books "Reading for pleasure" for students grade VIII;

- workshop "Information opportunities in modern library" - with students grade VI;

- participation for the tenth consecutive year to the Bookmark Exchange Project;

- a panel of students work: models, collages, acrostics, layouts, lists of readings,…

287 students took part at these programs, guided by their teachers: Alina Pistol, Mares Anca, Tătaru Monica, Enea Gina, Pruteanu Constantin, Aglaia Burlacu, Botezatu Maria, Cioineag Ionela, Simina Farama.




Country: Romania

Name: Muntean Viorica

Position: Librarian

Organization: Scoala Gimnaziala „Toma Cocisiu” Blaj,

For the eighth year in a row, the project organized by The International Association of School Librarianship accumulated a large variety of activities in our school:

1.Promoting ISLM in our school – display of posters, drawings and book marks referring to the event;

2. Open Door Day – the students’ visit to both the School and City Libraries;

3. Book exhibition with Toma Cocisiu’s works;

4. Travelling to the Story Land - watching of films made after literary works and audition of stories;

5. Book Illustrating – achieving of photos and drawings to illustrate literary works;

6. I’ve read, therefore … I know! – online quiz contest;

7. Bookmark Exchange Project;

8. Guess the character drawn by your classmate – contest (grades 3rd – 4th);

9. How to take good care of the books borrowed from the library – watching a short film.



Country: Romania

Name: Ramona Mocanu

Position: Romanian language teacher

Organization: Vasile Alecsandri National College from Bacau County;

Brief outline of the ISLM activity:

For this new October, the project organized by The International Association of School Librarianship, „What people are doing for IASL 2016” has cumulated a variety of activities in our school. In order to emphasize the project’s theme: „Learn to Decode Your World!” („Invata sa decodifici / intelegi lumea in care traiesti!”), these activities brought into attention the significance of the things the World is made of, things that surround us all, and make sense of the role we play in this world. The students „decoding” the world arround them, have discovered the place, and the role the books are playing in the process of encoding and decoding Reality.

These were the most significant activities that took part throughout the month we’ve dedicated to the school library, and to readings:

1. Decoding the World: «Harap-Alb, the landmarks of an exemplary destiny»” – illustrated quintets and biopoems contest based on the reading of Ion Creanga’s fairytale „The Story of Harap-Alb”. The activity ended with an exhibition of the student’s creations (There were 57 students from the 10th C, E grades involved in this activity coordinated by the Romanian language teacher Ramona Mocanu);

2. Decoding & Encoding My World – creative writing workshop and contest about a different object each time to which the students would have had to find a new, unusual usefulness. The pupils have read their shortstories to their schoolmates. After the reading, the audience voted their favorite based on the originality of the plot (There were 29 students from 11th E grade involved in this activity coordinated by the Romanian language teacher Ramona Mocanu);

3. Learn to decode your world! / „Apprenez a decoder votre monde!” – bookmarks and posters contest (There were 100 students from 9th D, F grades, and from 12th G, H grades involved in this activities coordinated by the French language teacher Georgeta Marinescu);

4. French new literature: Guillaume Musso – Power Point Presentations about the writer’s work and biography, made by the students, followed by their reviews about Musso’s books „Et apres” and „Parce que je t’aime” (there were 35 students from 12th D grade involved in this activity coordinated by the French language teacher Georgeta Marinescu);

5. Mon livre prefere – students reviews about some of their favorite books, and recommendations of readings (there were 30 students from 10th F grade involved in this activity coordinated by the French language teacher Georgeta Marinescu);

6. BookMarking Your World – bookmarks contest and exhibition on the theme of decoding the world arround us (There were 30 students from 5th B grade involved in this activity coordinated by the Romanian language teacher Ramona Palade-Jitaru);

7. Learn to Decode Your World! – bookmarks and posters competition (There were 80 students from 10th A, 11th D and 12th B grades involved in this activity coordinated by the Romanian language teacher Calina Stroe);

8. Give them a Future! – a schoolbook collection that was offered to the students of a secondary school from the rural part of the county (There were 150 students from 9th C, 10th A, E, H and 11th G, H grades involved in this activity coordinated by the Geography teacher Adriana Macinca)







Country: Russia

Name: Elena Adischeva

Position: Head of Library

Organization: Secondary school № 43 Chelyabinsk

Key activities:

- Book exhibition "Learn to decode their world"

- Theatrical presentation of the logo

- Presentation of the "Around the World"

- Reading Lesson "How nice to be able to read"

- Championship Reading aloud "Biblioring"

- Literary hour "Encrypted heroes"

- Photoshoot "The man who reads!"



Country: Russia

Names: Tatiana Kruglik, Vodianova Olga, Stukalova Angela

Position: Teacher

Organization: Primary school, municipal budgetary educational institution "Average comprehensive school № 12"

The first year our school participates in the ISLM Bookmarks exchange project.

The students enthusiastically accepted the offer of participation. Eagerly waiting for the results: who will be our partner.

Discussed how to reflect on the culture of our country. Decided to perform in the form of dolls (a symbol of our country).

Our partners were:

Kaisiadoriu Vaclovas Girzadas progymnasium




Country: Russia (Nakhoka City, Primorskiy Kray)

NameIrina Lipskaya

Position: Librarian

Organization: Secondary School №22

1. Participation in the project "Exchange bookmarks"

2. The play, staged by readers of school library "Dr. B."

3. Information Literacy Lessons 1, 2, 6 classes

4. Quiz "At the edge of the earth…"





Country: Russia ( Zelenodolsk, Tatarstan)

NameBaliakina Marina

Position: Librarian

Organization: Lyceum №1



My name is Marina. I am a school librarian. I live in the small town Zelenodolsk in Tatar Republic of the Russian Federation. I work in one of the town’s secondary school – lyceum №1.

So the International School Libraries Month is over. There are many different activities had place in the school library this days.

The Day of the Book Gifts was spent in our library. About three hundred books from home in good condition were given to school library by our students. We are grateful for this to every person.

During the ISLM our children met with managing editor of the famous magazine for children “RAINBOW”. The magazine “RAINBOW” issues in Kazan for Tatar kids. There are many interesting stories and poems, funny pictures and plays in this magazine. The meeting with editor was interesting and useful for our students and teachers.

The drawing competition “My favourite literary character” and poetical contest about book and reading were spending in the library also. Our children like to participate in them.

We took part in action “Exchange your bookmark!” this year for a first time. I think we’ll continue this job next year with pleasure.

There is a picture “The Reader in the Night” (or: “Night Reader”) by painter from Chechnya (federal subject of Russia) Zamir Yushaev. Zamir Yushaev lives in Germany now. We organized the description of this picture with older students in the library.

Also we designed the book exhibition about outstanding Russian writer, publicist and historian Nikolay Mikhailovich Karamzin. He lived in finish 18-th – beginning 19-th centuries. Karamzin is an author of the twelve-volume historical treatise “The History of the Russian State”. The presentation of the book exhibition was organized in our lyceum. And a competition in the answering of questions about N.M.Karamzin’s life and his creative work was a last act of our ISLM.

Baliakina Marina,

The library of the lyceum №1,

Zelenodolsk, Tatarstan, Russia



Country: Seychelles (Mahe)

Name: Mariel-Neige Basset

Position: Head of the Library

Organization: Month Fleuri Secondary School Library and The Bookworm Club

To mark the International school library month, Month Fleuri Secondary School Library and the Bookworm Club organised different

activities. First of all, the Bookworm Club and the S 1 class was presented to a writer from Reunion named Mme Dominique

Dambreville. She presented some of her books. She showed the students some different techniques for storytelling by using correct

pronunciation sangs in her stories. The Bookworm club and the S 1 students aged 11 years old were presented with some new French

books by Laurent Jolicous from Alliance Francaise. The students were so happy to see some new French books and they also took the

chance to read some. The presentation was held in the school library. We chose the third week in October which was Monday the 17th

to Friday the 21st to celebrate at school level. On Monday the 17th of October we had the exhibition in the school lobby which was

about the history of the school library, the library activities and the Bookworm Club. During lunch time there were several activities

which students can take part in. 


Monday 17th – Exhibition in the lobby for the whole week

Tuesday 18th – Chess competition ( District Administration St Louis)

Wednesday 19th – Sales of bookmarks, lucky dip and spelling bee at lunch time

Thursday 20th – Educational activities in the lobby at lunch time

Friday 21st - Literature Quiz and lucky dip

The Exhibition was organised by the school librarian with the help of some Bookworm members. The school took part in a chess

competition on Tuesday 18th October and won the 3rd prize. The next day Wednesday 19th we sell some colourful bookmarks to the

staffs and students. On the whole staffs and students really appreciate the great effort that the librarian have done. To conclude there

were some good comments made by people viewing the exhibition they are as follows:

- Interesting exhibition, well done keep it up ( Miss Marie-Annette Lawen senior librarian Ministry of Education )

- Very interesting and well organised (Mr Jean Alcindor)

- A diverse array of colours and forms combine with equally resourceful words ( Mr George Rossette English Teacher)

- Colourful display and very creative ( Calvin)

- Good pieces of work there is a lot of activities.

- Very interesting display ,colourful and vibrant poster and photos keep up the good work ( Mrs Denise school counselor)

- A devoted librarian an exhibition well done keep up the good work

- Very attractive and colourful a good and hard working librarian keep it up.( Geraine Antat librarian Ministry of Education))

- Very interesting library month exhibition with a difference ( history teacher)

- Very informative and well organized

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What People are Doing for ISLM 2016
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What People are Doing for ISLM 2016
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What People are Doing for ISLM 2016
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What People are Doing for ISLM 2016
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What People are Doing for ISLM 2016
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Country: Seychelles (Mahe)

Name: M. Annette Lawen (on behalf on Marie-Ange Moustache)

Position: School Librarian 

Organization: Belonie Secondary School.

Belonie School organizes another spectacular Library week

Belonie School organized its annual Library week activities from the 17 to 21 October 2016.This was celebrated by the theme ‘School library, learn to decode your world.’ This started off with the national Chess competition, whereby International school emerged victorious. In addition, there was great enthusiasm, for the Book Mark competition, whereby eager bookworms produced creative and quality bookmarks. For the students’ category the winner was Ella FockYune of S31, whilst for the teachers division

Mrs Marie Ange Moustache our school librarian Ms. Lucianne Antoine was the grand winner.

There was the word puzzle competition, which related around the theme ‘Enrich your word power.’ For the students’ category Aswin Sathiyamoorthy came out first, and Ms. Gilliane Nicette won for the teachers section.

On the school level, there was the Fine Amnesty week. Students with overdue books could return books without being fined. The icing on the cake, was the Lucky Dip, whereby students could easily receive an interesting book simply by answering a question. The turnout was of great proportion, as they were amazed at the quality of books available.

Moreover, there was the DEAR notion which means Drop Everything And Read session in the afternoon was allocated for this cause. Everyone was delighted to take a book or magazine to read.

The most spectacular highlight of the library week was the prize giving ceremony which was held on Friday 21 October at the ideal location of Bahai Centre. A group of eager parents, invited guests and dedicated students attended the well prepared activity. The Ministry officials namely Mrs. Merida Delcy, the former PS for Education and PS, Dr. Linda Barallon, and Mr. Jean Alcindor, the Director General of Education and Students Support Services were all present to offer support. They were entertained by various presentations from guitar notes to intriguing dance moves. In line with the Creole festival, Belonie students portrayed our “creolity, with the Sega moves.

Indeed all students received certificates of participation, as a means to encourage them to continue with their positive ways. In a nutshell, as a school we intend to continue on the same wavelength, to teach and instill values, as to how to value the library. The library is a place filled with wonders, waiting to be discovered, so everyone should value it.






Country: Russia

Name: Lyudmila Tishina

Position: English teacher; School Librarian Ljubov Bryukhova

Organization:  - The Municipal Autonomous Educational Establishment "Secondary School №49",

ISLM Activities:

In the Month of school libraries in our educational organization many activities and interesting exhibitions devoted to reading and libraries are traditionally held. In October 2016 we had:

The exhibition «There is no better library than ours!», telling about school libraries and our school library.

Town competition in reciting poetry. The students of our Novouralsk schools competed in reciting poetry.

Reading Day. The Regional action of the Total Reading Day was devoted to the Year of Russian cinema and was held under the motto «Read and see». Together with the entire region, we read books, watched extracts of the film adaptations and cartoons. In the lobby, on the big screen students could see videos about reading and books, and in the library center there was an exhibition of filmed works. And the Studio «Attention! Motor! Read! » was working where the most artistic students could read a passage from favorite books on a camera. The book became the main attribute of this day, and reading - total.

Reading marathon. The stages of the rally took place in the corridors, classrooms, the library and information centre. The password for entrance to school were the names of the writers. Children guessed the quiz, performed various tasks, and participated in intellectual games. The volunteers - students of the 10th grade, helped o make the Marathon interesting and exciting.

Skype-project ISLM. This year, our library the first time joined the International skype-project ISLM. The students of our school interacted with the students of their age from Portugal, told each other about their customs, hobbies, favourite books. Online communication was so interesting and productive, that it was decided to continue the experience of the international meetings.



Country: Sri Lanka

Name: G.M.Y.Yasindri Vishnika

Position: Librarian 

Organization: Holy Family Convent;


There was a Book Fair to Celebrate the Library Day – M.D.Gunasena Collection and the Joceph Vass Books. 



Competition winners are:

- Amandi Fernando 7 B

- Sithoshi Fernando 7 D

Thanuki  Goonasinghe – 13 Com D 



Country: Zimbabwe (Bulawayo), Region 1: Africa Sub Sahara

Name: Jerry Mathema

Position: Librarian 

Organization: Faculty of Communication and Information Science and the Department of Library and Information Science of the National University of Science & Technology in Bulawayo

The month of October which has given impetus to the observance of International School Library Month annually in Zimbabwe and off course in 100 countries descended upon us and this year’s celebrations ran under the theme ‘Learn to Decode Your World’ and the sub-theme remained steadfastly anchored in the one school, one library, one librarian mantra. It was an honour and a privilege for the second year running for IASL and ZimLA to be hosted by the Faculty of Communication and Information Science and the Department of Library and Information Science of the National University of Science & Technology in Bulawayo.

The celebrations were held on Friday 14 October 2016 at the state of the art and spacious Delta Theatre, Faculty of Commerce Building and an exhibition by Consultus Publishing Services and Mambo Press ran concurrently and took place in the grand foyer. Gramsol and Educate had earlier own shown great interest and enthusiasm in exhibiting but failed to make it due to other pressing business commitments. There was a slight delay in the commencement of the proceedings due to a few logistical problems that had cropped up.

ISLM 2016 was an auspicious occasion which allowed IASL/ZimLA and the community at large to celebrate and draw attention to school libraries. All over the world, people recognized and celebrated the powerful role that school libraries play in education. It was the perfect time for teachers and pupils to mix and mingle in a more relaxed situation, network and share ideas on how school libraries can transform the education and learning landscape in the throes of a dynamic and demanding technological driven 21 century era.

The event was graced by honoured guests from the Provincial Education Directorate represented by Mrs. O. Kaira, lecturers and students from the Department of LIS, school librarians, teachers, community members, and children from various schools within Bulawayo and its environs. His Worship the Mayor Councillor Martin Moyo could not make it since he was committed elsewhere and was represented by branch librarians from the municipal library system. The ZimLA President Mr. Lantern R. Fusire was in Bindura attending the Director of Housing and Community Services annual meeting where he was expected to discuss, and advocate for school and public libraries as vital parts of the education of the nation's children. Please note that his attendance to the afore-said meeting was facilitated by His Worship the Mayor of Masvingo Councillor Hubert Fidze who was inspired and impressed by the work that ZimLA was doing in advocating for functional libraries in Zimbabwe. This was a milestone for ZimLA which further afforded the association the opportunity to expand, enhance and create visibility and synergies with entities that employ, advance and perpetuate the ideals of professional librarianship within the country.

The Director of Ceremonies was none other than our own ZimLA National Executive member and Secretary General, seasoned, well renowned librarian and LIS educator of note Mrs Harriet R. Ncube. An avid and articulate speaker, her eloquence and sense of humour endeared her to the audience.

As per norm the proceedings kicked off with the participants standing up and singing the revered National Anthem ‘Phakamisani Iflegi yeZimbabwe/Blessed be the land of Zimbabwe’ led by the Matopo High School pupils. This was followed by devotions and opening prayer from a devout Catholic Mrs. Antonetta Sipho Madziva. Dr Takawira Machimbidza delivered the welcome address and spoke at length about their commitment as a department to advance scholarship in school librarianship and urged students to consider training in librarianship. The Mayoral address by His Worship the City Mayor, Clr. Mr. M. Moyo was conspicuous by its absence due to the afore-mentioned mayoral commitment.

The LIS part 4 students under the guidance and ably supervision of Mr. Nelson Guvava provided educational entertainment in the form of quizzes, poems, spellings, quotes and phrases from well known classical literature novels and children’s literatures.

The ZimLA Presidential Speech was read by the ZimLA NEC Secretary General Mrs Harriet R. Ncube since Mr. L.R. Fusire was not present. Mrs Katy Manck, IASL President’s message was delivered by the IASL Director Region1: Africa Sub Sahara Mr. Jerry Mathema who is also the School Library Media Specialist at Masiyephambili College an independent co-educational high school in Bulawayo. In her richly crafted brief speech she impressed the need for a vibrant school library programme and I quote,

"Every child deserves a great school library and a better school librarian," I say and truly believe. Therefore, I urge parents and community members to call for the provision of improved school library facilities, increased and appropriate school library materials for students' reading and research, and further training for school librarians who can assist every student in every class.

The PED’s Speech was delivered by Mrs O. Kaira. Her speech resonated and blended well with both the theme and sub-theme. Our distinguished Guest of Honour was former Chief Archivist, Senior Lecturer and current Dean of the Faculty of Communication and Information science Mr. Samuel Chabikwa. He buttressed the need to aggressively advocate for the development of functional school libraries manned by qualified personnel.

After the speeches were read, presentations from our strategic partner organizations such as NUST, Natural History Museum of Zimbabwe, Hillside Teacher’s College and Bulawayo Municipal Libraries were made. The leaders of these organizations unpacked the services they offer to the appreciative audience that came to celebrate this momentous occasion.

A hearty vote of thanks came from our colleague in school librarianship and Research Fellow in the Department of Library and information Science at the host University Mrs. Similo Ngwenya-Sibanda.

To validate and be thankful to the Lord for providing a conducive environment to decode our world through school libraries Mrs Antonetta Madziva gave a touching closing prayer and the congregation was duly disbanded. The participants were treated to an appetising light lunch.

Adios ISLM 2016

School Library Seminar

The IASL Africa Sub Saharan regional directorate and the Zimbabwe Library Association Matabeleland branch brought together Principals, School/teacher librarians, Public/Community librarians and SDC Chairpersons from the following institutions;

  • Magwegwe High,
  • Masiyephambili College,
  • St Columbas High,
  • Matopo High,
  • Minda High,
  • Hillside Teacher’s College ,
  • Bulawayo Municipal Libraries,
  • NUST,
  • Mabhukudwane Primary,
  • and Nekacheya Primary from Zambia,

to a professional 6th International School Library Month Celebrations Seminar that was held on Saturday the 15th of October 2016 at the Ceremonial Hall of the National University of Science and Technology, in Bulawayo.

The seminar sought to bring together school/public/community library practitioners, researchers, educators, SDC/PTA members, volunteers, interns and students interested in all aspects of school librarianship. The seminar provided a mix of invited speakers such as the Provincial Education Directorate represented by Mrs Olicah Kaira, IASL Region 1: Africa Sub Sahara Director and ZimLA Matabeleland branch chair Mr. Jerry Mathema, ZimLA NEC Secretary General Ms. Harriet R. Ncube, School Media Teacher and ZimLA Matabeleland Branch Treasurer Mr. Njabulo Tazibona, Nkulumane Branch Librarian and ZimLA Matabeleland Vice Chair Mrs Antonetta Madziva, Hillside Teacher’s College Assistant Librarian and ZimLA Matabeleland Branch Executive Mr. Philane Fuzane. The presenters contributed short papers, and posters that stimulated discussion and provided workable ideas for building synergies in developing functional school libraries, measuring and improving school library performance and/or proposed new concepts and techniques to further advance the field.

Every presentation was punctuated by a question and answer session that the organisers availed and this allowed participants to interact intellectually with the presenters.

It was resolved and recommended that there is an urgent need;

  • For IASL AND ZimLA to built synergies and collaborate with teachers associations such as Zimbabwe Teachers Association, National Association of Primary School Heads and National Association of Secondary Heads. These associations are very powerful and can influence policy changes regarding school library development within the relevant ministry.
  • For standardization and uniformity in the development of school libraries within the education system.
  • For the re-introduction of the post of school librarian in the public service payroll.

The curtain finally came down and the ZimLA Secretary-General Mrs H.R. Ncube gave an implicit appreciation of a job well done and a resounding successful 2016 ISLM celebration.

Jerry Mathema

Post-Graduate Diploma in Library & Information Science, Diploma in Educational Psychology, BA Media Studies, Higher National Diploma, National Diploma, National Certificate in Library and Information Science,

  • School Library Media Specialist,
  • IASL Region 1: Africa Sub Sahara,
  • ZimLA Branch Chairperson and NEC Ex-Officio Member.






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