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Limericks have a distinct rhythm and AABBA rhyming pattern with nonsensical/silly subject matter. Edward Lear was a master of limericks – read some famous limericks in the resources below.

Watch out for rhymes that may produce rude or naughty words!

The “Trickster Limericks” Spotlight Project in “Trickster Tales” theme includes more information and examples.

Limericks for Kids Kenn Nesbitt notes rhyme scheme and rhythm in his advice to kids on writing limericks Short explanation of limerick syllable & rhyme pattern with some original limericks as examples, as well as links to famous Edwin Lear limericks. Graham Lester’s original limericks for kids, plus anonymous ones. Sample pages from Dover Publications’ book of Edwin Lear limericks with his original illustrations.

Limerick examples, by Patricia Carmichael

Koala antics

There once was a koala named Syd, 
Who was caught smoking leaves as a kid,
His mother she spanked him,
The leaves nearly choked him,
And his ears caught fire in the bid.

Ernie Dingo

There once was a dingo named Ernie,
Who had an incredible journey,
He jumped on a ute,
And thought it was beaut,
When the wind blew his tail soft and curly.

Author: Patricia Carmichael, Teacher Librarian, Concordia Lutheran College, Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia

Explanatory note: Ernie Dingo is also the stage name for a famous Australian Aboriginal actor.

Glossary of terms


slang: beautiful


wild dog


abbreviation: utility truck

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