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Kids love jokes and riddles, so empowering your students to write funny things that ‘show what they know’ is doubly good.

A joke begins with a statement, while a riddle starts with a question.

The “Wild Animal Funnies” Spotlight Project in “Animal Antics” theme includes more information and examples of using jokes and riddles to convey facts in humorous ways.

Joke writing Step by step instructions for joke writing and performing lesson plans and resources on jokes and comedy from BBC Comedy Classroom

Riddle writing Write a good riddle by starting with the answer! - writing riddles in poem form

Baked Beans Down Under (riddle), by Patricia Carmichael

Why have all the baked beans moved to Queensland?

Because they like to live in Cairns!

Note: This is a play on words because the well-known town of Cairns on the Gold Coast in Queensland is pronounced the same way as cans (tins).

Author: Patricia Carmichael, Teacher Librarian, Concordia Lutheran College, Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia

As a collaborative Project between educators and students around the world, the GiggleIT Project operates under a Creative Commons license which allows everyone to share ideas and resources while still recognizing the work done by the original authors.

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