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45th Annual Conference - Tokyo, Japan
"A School Library Built for the Digital Age"
August 22 - 26, Meiji University

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Workshops & Papers

Going Global with the IFLA Guidelines: Resources and Best Practices for Implementing the New Guidelines

Outside Their Window - See it, Share it, Appreciate it Worldwide with GiggleIT

Let's Try Bibliobattle - Japanese Social Book Review Game Creating a New Reading Experience

Library Resource Management in the Digital Age

Going Global with the IFLA School Library Guidelines:
Resources and Best Practices for Implementing the New Guidelines
Authentic Academic Honesty for Students

PR 1-23

How suitable is Yahoo! Groups for school librarians’ professional networking? A case study from Hong Kong 

School-Based Brazilian Librarianship: The Ruling Relations That Inform Its Professional Practice

Curriculum-Engaged School Libraries and Teacher Librarians Value Curriculum-Alignment of Resources

Making and Implementing an Environmental Studies Database for Teacher Librarians: Metadata Education for Teacher Librarians

“This is the biggest place where you can express your imagination”: Information practices of middle school students at a school library makerspace

School Library Design, Facilities and Resources for Sustainable Cognitive and Social Development of Students: An Evaluative Case Study

Data Analytics to Improve School Libraries

Roles and Practices of School Librarians in Digital Age: A Study from Croatia

What does the library have to do with it? The success of Finnish education in PISA tests and the role of school and public libraries

Challenges for School Libraries in the digital age: A study on the knowledge seeking pattern among male and female students in Sri Lanka

Empowering Students for a Digital World: Global Concerns, Local School Evidence and Strategic Actions

Reading, School Libraries and Equity: A Socio-Spatial Study of School Libraries and Reading in Singapore 

The 21st century skills of the school library ―Keyword is "Why ? "―

The First Step of Smart Learning: School Librarians’ Stages of Concern about Digital Textbooks in South Korea

“It’s like stickers in your brain”: Using the Guided Inquiry Process to Support Lifelong Learning Skills in an Australian School Library

Effect of library orientation on School libraries in Japan

Developing Students’ Information Skills based on Empowering 8 Information Literacy Model in The Siyabalanduwa Educational Zone, Sri Lanka

School Libraries in the English Education of Japan: From the Perspectives of Practitioners

The Media and Information Literacy Program of the Ateneo de Manila Grade School 

Training school librarians for the information age: the case of South African teachers on the margins

Professional work and learning with smartphones: a comparative study of school librarians from Australia, Hong Kong and United Kingdom 

Evaluation of Digital Contents in Education: Examples of English and Health Education Applications in Japan


The challenges of a school library in the digital age as a resource helping educating refugee children and integrating them into the Swedish society

Reinventing Your Reference Collection

Reading communities in the School Library: the role of web 2.0 and social media

School libraries as power-houses of empathy: People for loan in The Human Library

School Libraries in Portugal (1996-2016): looking into the future

Café in a school library: to strengthen links with school and society

Living in the Digital Age: Youth, Pro-social Behavior, and the Broadway Musical

The role of Indonesian School Librarian in increasing students’ literacy skills in digital age

The Role of School Librarians and Subject Teachers in Information Literacy Education

Designing An Innovative School Library Environment To Facilitate 21st Century Literacy Skills

A Richer Read: Supporting Critical Analysis

A New Learning Space Combining Digital Information and Books: The Case of Seisho-kaichi School

Relief efforts of school material in the Great East Japan Earthquake - For documentation of repair immersed in seawater at Iwate Prefectural Takata High School

The School Library: Interdisciplinary, Collaborative, Virtual

Student enjoy to learning and broaden their horizons with language at the library in the centre of the school

Working in partnership to embed Information & Digital Literacy Skills into TeenTech events and Awards to empower pupils, teachers and librarians

English Extensive Reading in the School Library with the English Department

The key to digitization success: making the school librarian a true pedagogical partner

Aiming for a Cool School Library Activities in Japanese School Libraries connected with the Community, University, Other Schools and the World

A practice of one day’s training course of information literacy for teachers in Japan: case study of Waseda University


Instruction development that incorporates active learning to nurture 21st century skills

Blindspots: Serving Your Multicultural Students

The Role of Supporting for Learning of Subject in School by Jigsaw Method and Utilizing School Library -Collaboration of School Library and School Music Education (music appreciation)

Collaborating Teacher Librarians with English Department Teachers : Useful Online Databases for English Presentation

Inquiry-Based Learning for the Digital Age with School Libraries as Learning Environments

School Management Participation of Teacher Librarians Proposal for the school library utilization based on the process of recognition formation process

Do You Know Unique Engagement As ‘Teacher Librarian(TL)’? ~The Case Study of Specialty Only TL Can Have~

Using the image drawing method to examine advanced lectures of a teacher librarian program

Data Science Curriculum in Library Information Science for School Librarians

Possibilities of Training for School Librarians in the Digital Age: A Case Study of “SLiiiC”

School Library Support for the Students with Special Educational Needs: Through the comparison of two Special School Libraries’ support in Japan

RESEARCH NOTEBOOKS Developing Students' Critical Thinking Skills in KAETSU ARIAKE Junior & Senior High School library

Acquired but not Required ? : the Gap between the Competency in Education and That in Action for School Librarianship

Examining awareness and utilization of digital content in Japanese schools via library administrators at elementary, junior high, and high schools

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