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36th Annual Conference - Taipei, Taiwan
"Cyberspace, D-world, E-learning: Giving Libraries and Schools the Cutting Edge"

Table of Contents 2007 Conference Proceedings

Conference Pamphlet: pt. 1, pt. 2, pt. 3


New and Emerging Information and Communication Technologies: Implications for Teacher-Librarians and School Libraries - Ken Haycock (USA)


Papers Presented - Gerald R. Brown (Canada)


Scaffolding for the Life-Long Learner, by Gerald R. Brown - Gerald R. Brown (Canada)

Collaborating with your School Administrator - Gerald R. Brown (Canada)

Reading Strategies and Promotion in Canadian Schools (with particular attention to the needs of teen age boys) - Gerald R. Brown (Canada)

Assessing Malaysian Students Readiness to Become Authors of Learning Materials in a Collaborative Digital Library of
School Projects
- Abrizah Abdullah and A.N. Zainab (Malaysia) 

A Framework for e-Library Services to Support the e-Learning Environment In a Secondary School: A Case Study - Rana A. Abuzaid and Diljit Singh (Malaysia) 

Collaborative teaching, reading and literacy - Promoting reading and literacy: one’s too short, two is good, three is even better - Artur Dagge (Portugal)

Transforming research tasks to avoid plagiarism: teacher and teacher librarian collaboration - Suzette Boyd (Australia)

From early literacy to information literacy - Fung Yee Chan (China)

A Study of Reading Blog in High School Library: Using Taipei Municipal Cheng Yuan High School as an Example - Chih Huang Chang (Taiwan)

Localization of Collaborative Planning and Teaching in Hong Kong - Man Yi Helen Chan (China)

Challenges and Strategies for Non-Metropolitan School Library in Digital Era: Development of Digital Resources and Information Literacy - Shu-Wan Chao (Taiwan)

A Study on Implementing Internet Resources in Digitization of School Libraries - Hsiang-Yun Chen (Taiwan)

The Libraries in Senior High Schools and Vocational Schools Faced with Knowledge-based Economy - Pei-lang Chen (Taiwan)

Strategy of Promoting E-Learning in School Library - Tzong-Yue Chen (Taiwan)

A Study on the Prospect of Library Resources Utilization Education based on the results of short thesis writing competitions: Take Mingdao High School as an example - Su-Mei Cheng (Taiwan)

Information Needs, Search Behaviors, and Use of Elementary School Teachers on the Internet - Chiung-Wen Chien (Taiwan)

Internet Resources Collection and Arrangement: A case of Luo-Dong Senior High School - Po-Han Chiu (Taiwan)

The Way to Manage Senior High School Library: On the Aspect of Building a Community - Tzu-Ying Cho (Taiwan)

To what extent could “Weblog” be the tools of learning, sharing and assessing? - Wah Hing Betty Chu (Hong Kong)

Effectiveness of Digital Learning in Library Use Education: A Taiwan Case Study - Ming-Chih Chung and Chao-chen Chen (Taiwan)

Information repositories and learning environments: Creating spaces for the promotion of virtual literacy and social responsibility - Ana Bela Martins, Eloy Rodrigues, and Manuela Barreto Nunes (Portugal)

Information dichotomy article schools version - Barbara Combes and Robyn Valli (Australia) 

How do I get the politicians to listen? - Maria Eriksen (Denmark)

Teaming with Technology: Collaborating with Service/Support Personnel - Dr. Lesley S. J. Farmer (USA)

Enter X: An Internet based learning program for children about use of the Internet - Mrs. Karin Gaardsted (Denmark)

Give’em LIP: Year 7 Learning Induction Program - Penelope Geoghegan (Australia) 

Collaboration is the key: Making a difference in our schools through integrative and progressive practice - Elizabeth Greef (Australia) 

A Study on Implementing Topic Maps-based Web search services in junior high school library of WuGu - Wei-Fu Hou (Taiwan)

Applying the Blog in an Information Literacy Program in School Library Setting: A Case Study at Nan-Yang Elementary School in Taichung - Chia-Hui Huang and Ellen Hao-ying F. Liu (Taiwan)

The Effects on Reader Services of Applying Blogs in High School Libraries in Taiwan - Sheng- Shyong Jheng and Yu-Hsiu Lai (Taiwan)

The Future of the OPAC: Integrating the OPAC with Emerging Discovery Tools - Thomas T. Kaun (USA)

Collection Development in the Digital Age - Ramona (Mona) N. Kerby (USA)

The Changing Face of a School Library with the Advent of E- Content - Naaz Kirmani (India)

Effective Use of Open Access Resources in a School Library: A Case Study of Zydus School for Excellence Resource Centre - Rashmi T. Kumbar (India)

A Study on Constructing Inquiry-Based Learning Environment through Web 2.0 A Case Study of National Chung Hsing Senior High School - Huang-Chao Lai and Yi-Tan Tsai (Taiwan)

Motives that Drive Students to Use the School Library in the Taipei Municipal Mingchuan Elementary School: A field study - Kun-Yu Lai (Taiwan)

The marketing strategy to enhance new book reading - Chi-Lung Lee (Taiwan)

Cooperative Planning and Teaching (CPT)between Teachers and the Teacher Librarian in a Hong Kong Primary School to equip students with information literacy skill - Yuet Ha Angel Leung (China)

A Study on Reading Teaching Design Content: Case Study of Works Chosen in Teaching Design for Taipei Children Deepening Reading Promotion Activity - C. Y. Li (Taiwan)

Turn Trash into Treasure Recycling Children’s Books: How disposed picture books benefit rural schools - Amy Lin (USA) and Jinwan Tu (Taiwan)

Constructing a Digital Academic Press Platform using Content Management System - Shun Wen Lin and Morgan Chang (Taiwan)

A Study of the Integration of High School Library Specialties and Community Resources - Terng-wen Lin (Taiwan)

Research on improving teaching qualities by using metadata to recognize plants - Shih-Hwa Liu, Jih-Chin Yeh, and Chao-Chen Chen (Taiwan)

Creating A Reader-based Digital Gallery: A Case Study on NEHS Library - Yueh-Feng Lo (Taiwan)

Using MOODLE to help teach about plagiarism and copyright - Anne Lockwood (Australia)

Reading Takes You Places: A Study of a Wired Summer Reading Program - Ya-Ling Lu and Carol A. Gordon (USA)

A training course for Guizhou teachers for the establishment of school libraries: Experience sharing - Hok Hei Livesey Luk (Hong Kong)

Profiling the Reading Habits of Children in Singapore - Shaheen Majid and Venus Tan (Singapore)

Using Transaction Logs to Characterize User Needs: Search Analysis of a Digital Library for Educators - Marcia A. Mardis (USA)

Information repositories and learning environments: Creating spaces for the promotion of virtual literacy and social responsibility - Ana Bela Martins, Eloy Rodrigues, and Manuela Barreto Nunes (Portugal)

From Dependence to Independence: Personalised Coaching as a Tool to Entrench Information Literacy Competencies in Students - Intan Azura Mokhtar, et al. (Singapore)


What do computer games have to do with Libraries and learning? How to engage and connect learners of different age groups and with different interests using computer games as the vehicle for learning - Marie O’Brien (Australia)


Children’s literature in the blogosphere - Pat Pledger (Australia)

The Contribution of Public Libraries in Germany and the Nordic Countries Towards Digital Education and Training - Wolfgang Ratzek (Germany)

Information Literacy: What Every High School Senior Needs to Know - Ann Riedling (USA)

Podcasting in Library Research: A discussion of three projects developed using new audio technologies - Anne Rumpler (Australia) 

Home-school Partnership: Parent-child Morning Reading Programme - Jacqueline Shek (Hong Kong)

Diversified Services of Delivering The Passion of Reading to Campuses: The Kaohsiung Public Library - Chun-fu Shih (China)

A Study of Mathematics Programs Inbeded in Digital Learning Formats to Bridge Junior and Senior High School Curriculum

Haw-Yaw Shy and Chien-Hsiang Hung (Taiwan)

E-learning among Indonesian vocational high schools, the end of the school library era? - Sulistyo-Basuki (Indonesia) 

To discuss new trend of information literacy from leisure reading behavior and experiences of junior high school students - Hui-mei Tsai (Taiwan)

Work and Progress Together to Create a Reading Paradise for High Schools: Remarks of retrospection and prospects of “Senior High School Library Guidance Committee (SHSLGC) - Jinwan Tu (Taiwan)

Strategy of Promoting E-Learning in School Library - Tzong-Yue Chen (Taiwan)

Dig into Information Literacy with Tools of Collaboration - Dr. Virginia L. Wallace (USA)

Research on Systematic Functions and Designs of Digital Archives for Ancient Chinese Poetry Instructed in Senior High School - Jing-Ying Weng (Taiwan)

Promotion of On-line Reading Competition of Tuku Vocational High School’s (TKVS) Library in Taiwan - Hao-Yen Wu (Taiwan)

Emergent Literacy and Reading for Children of Taipei: Reading, Creativity and Dream Come True - Shu-Yun Xu (Taiwan)

Teaching Support of Taipei Senior High School Libraries - Mei-Hwa Yang and Kuan-Ying Chen (China)

Influence of new reading behavior for academic libraries: A survey of electronic materials and print materials for library user -Shuzhen Zhao (Canada), et al. 


Scaffolding for the Life-Long Learner - Gerald R. Brown (Canada)

Library and information resources in the modern world of science, culture, education, and business - Gerald R. Brown (Canada)

Research Forum

Information Needs and Information Seeking Behaviors of Elementary School Students in Taiwan-interviewed with Xin Sheng & Wan Fang elementary schools - Chia-Ching Chang (Taiwan), et al.

Information Needs and Information Seeking Behaviors of Elementary and Middle School Social Studies and Cultural Heritage Teachers in Taiwan - Shan-Ju Lin Chang (Taiwan)

A study on inquiry-based learning in a primary school through librarian-teacher partnerships - Sam Chu (Hong Kong), et al.

The search for information and the Net Generation - Barbara Combes (Australia) 

Wikis in school libraries - Dana Dukic (Hong Kong)

Predictors for Success: Experiences of Beginning and Expert Teacher Librarians - Dr. Lesley S. J. Farmer (USA)

Teacher librarians a tour de force for information literacy in Hong Kong schools: Reality or rhetoric? - James Henri and Wah Hing Betty Chu (Hong Kong)

“The basis of their reading experience”: Progress on Reading to Learn in Hong Kong Primary Schools - Po Shan Susana Lau and Peter Warning (Hong Kong)

Getting past “shsssh”: Online focus groups as empowering professional development for teacher librarians - Marcia A. Mardis and Ellen S. Hoffman (USA)


Usage of distance and blended learning in educating school librarians - Mihaela Banek Zorica, et al. (Croatia) 

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