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Lapės Basic School, Lapės Kauno, Lithuania

Our GiggleCritters


Our Country

Lithuania is a wonderful country, with beautiful nature and a lot of interesting museums and monuments. Lithuania is in Europe, one of three Baltic countries. Our country is one of the safest countries in the world because there are no earthquakes or volcanoes. Our president is Gitanas Nausėda.

Our Town

Lapės Kauno

Our School

Lapes Basic School is situated not far from the second largest town in our country – Kaunas. Lapes is a small settlement. There are 350 pupils in our school - 8 classes of primary students and 7 classes of secondary education students. We have a modern dining room, a library, an internet reading room, a computer class, and specialized classrooms of various subjects. The school is computerized, equipped with the latest tools.

We are interested in art, sports, computers, online games and traveling, reading books. Our class is friendly, fun and creative. Some classmates are funny, some are very smart and serious. Some of them like playing sports, some of them like drawing and others like dancing or singing. But everybody hates doing their homework!

Class 5a is participating

Our Projects

Pet Poems 2019 – Lapes Basic School

I have a cat, her name is Aika.

Her fur is white like snow.

Her eyes are big and blue,

They shine when Aika sees the food!

She likes to jump and climb the trees.

She likes to play with me!

- cat poem & photo by E. M.


I have a dog named Deni.

He is very funny.

He barks at everything he sees 

And he eats all his treats.

He is brown like chocolate

And he jumps like a kangaroo.

And we go outside

And we play all afternoon.

 - dog poem & photo by L. K.

I have a cat.

Aika‘s fur shines in the sun.

She jumps, strokes, plays

and she let me go.

 - cat poem & photo by J. M.


I have a dog.

His name is Niki.

When he rolls, sits and speaks,

he gets one of his treats.  

He‘s very energetic.

His fur is brown and black.

-  dog poem & photo by D. G.

My dog is cute.

He‘s got a white coat.

He‘s got brown eyes and a wet wet black nose.

My dog is very crazy,

But sometimes he‘s lazy.

- dog poem & photo by T. A.

I‘m a piggy, big and chubby.

What can I eat?

Hay and pellet, Fruits and veggies

Vitamin C.

I‘m so great and every day

It‘s all about me.

 - guinea pig poem & photo by A. J.

What is it? He‘s small.

He‘s got big brown ears.

He Always eats hay and grass.

He jumps like a frog because he‘s got very long legs.

 Do you know what it  is? It‘s a rabbit.

- rabbit poem & photo by L. K.

Her name is Leja.

She‘s funny, she‘s playful and also very funny.

Her fur is brown like a little brownie.

She‘s funny, she‘s playful, she‘s my little puppy.

– dog poem & photo by K. B.


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