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Aussie Books for Zim

Imagine a world where schools do not have school libraries and where students do not have the opportunity to enjoy books, reading and all that school libraries have to offer!!! This is a reality in schools in many countries around the world. In disadvantaged communities it is particularly difficult, due to prevailing circumstances, including a lack of resources and funding, to provide libraries in schools. So, just imagine  what a difference you, your school and your students  could make to the lives and education of young people if you were able and willing to do something practical so that others can have the opportunity to  enjoy a school library too!

If you are in Australia, you can do this by becoming involved with  Aussie Books for Zim,  an Australian registered charity that collects  books and stationery from Australian communities, schools, families and individuals to set up school libraries in rural Zimbabwe. The idea for the project emerged after founder Dr Alfred Chidembo observed the large volumes of  books in excellent condition that were annually discarded in Australia. Further, Australian libraries send to the landfill at least 5 million books yearly. These books could otherwise be ‘recycled’ and used in libraries of disadvantaged communities worldwide. The Aussie Books for Zim project was subsequently launched to address this gap.

You will find information about the project, and contact details for it at:

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