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This year the ISLM poster comes to you as an image rather than a document. You have the choice of either *.tif or *.jpg format. 

Click here to download the .tif poster 

Click here to download the .jpg poster


This year’s poster contains images of many different things that make up our world. Below, you can download the outline drawing of this year's ISLM poster "Learn to decode your world".
The individual objects are numbered 1 to 73. The QR code in the lower right corner of this poster takes you to a Google spreadsheet where your school can enter what you think the objects might be.

You may write the answers in either English or your own language although English is preferred. Make sure that if you use your own language, you tell us, in the space in the spreadsheet, what it is so that we can correctly translate your answers.
The school with the most number of correct entries will be acknowledged on the ISLM website and will receive a certificate from the ISLM coordinators.

The competition will be open until the end of November.
The answers will be published at the end of November and the winner or winners announced at that time as well.
Enter your answers online in 
this Google spreadsheet! Additionally, you can click here for a downloadable Excel sheet to use for competitions within your school.

We hope that you have fun decoding the things that represent the world we live in!

Click here to download the .tif numbered line drawing.

Click here to download the .jpg numbered line drawing.

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