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Diljit Singh Leadership Grant

The International Association of School Librarianship (IASL) is pleased to announce the addition of a Leadership Development Grant for 2017.  IASL is now accepting applications for the Diljit Singh Leadership Grant, which has similar requirements to those of the Jean Lowrie and Ken Haycock Leadership Development Grants.  The newly developed award was named in 2017 in honor of Dr. Diljit Singh, past president of the International Association of School Librarianship and initial funding is provided through the generosity of Dr. Singh.  Leaders in developing nations are invited to apply for reimbursement of US $1,000 to attend their first IASL annual conference. These Leadership Development Grants assist leaders in:

  • sharing their needs and aspirations;
  • learning from other conference participants;
  • developing contacts to further their work; and
  • identifying and developing strategies that can be used in their home country.

Leaders within Zone C are encouraged to apply by the April 1 deadline. (See the membership information page for the countries allocated to Zone C). 

IASL has a number of grant opportunities available for members to apply with the deadline of April 1.  More information on these opportunities may be found at

Application Form

The application form below may be printed or copied, completed on paper, and sent to the Chairperson of the Awards Committee of IASL with supporting documentation:

==================== copy here =====================

Diljit Singh Leadership Grant Application Form

Name: ________________________________________________________________

Position: ______________________________________________________________

School/Institution: ______________________________________________________

Postal Address: _________________________________________________________


Country: _______________________________________________________________

Email Address: __________________________________________________________

Phone: ________________________________________________________________

Fax: __________________________________________________________

Please answer the following. Use additional space as necessary:

1) Why do you wish to attend the IASL conference?




2) What do you aim to achieve as a result of attending the conference?




3)Who, in your school or education administration authority, supports your application?



4) Are you a member of IASL? [  ] Yes  [  ] No

Please attach two letters of support from the persons listed in question 3 guaranteeing your continued involvement in the development of the school library program.


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